Aamras – (Hindi Web Series) – Is the Ullu Series Worth a Watch?

Aamras – (Hindi Web Series)

Don’t get deterred by the name, Aamras is not a cooking show or web series. Instead, the Ullu series follows bold and explorative themes surrounding concepts of erotic writing and authorship. It also delves into manipulation and kinks and fetishes that might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

However, this won’t be the first time that a web series with such bold themes has been released on Ullu. The platform has become a hub for such web series that are otherwise stigmatized in society.

If you have been meaning to watch Aamras and have been looking for some summary and overview, we have mentioned everything in this guide for you.

Aamras – Details

Other names Aamras
Language Hindi
Genre Bold, erotic, drama, adult
Release date August 15, 2023 to August 22, 2023
Director Himanchu Brahmabhatt
Distributed by Ullu
Seasons 1
Episodes 8

Plot of Aamras

With eight episodes in the first season itself, Aamras is one of those underrated shows that you won’t regret watching. The show indeed deals with a fair amount of adult elements, which might be off-putting for some viewers.

However, what’s great about this particular show is the uniqueness of the plot. You are bound to get a lot in, especially when it comes to the viewing pleasure. The entire web series is beautifully shot and directed and the storyline runs deeper than the sensual and erotic side of things.

The main plot of the story follows the life of Vinay, who happens to be an erotic adult author, who is set to break his boundaries and make something big out of his writing. However, for that to happen, he needs to have real-life experiences and excerpts from real-life people.

That’s where he crosses paths with Mrs. Ghosh, who seems to be quite intrigued by what Vinay does and decides to help him out with resources and materials that he would need. But, Mrs. Ghosh has a clause. She wants Vinay to tell her one erotic story every day.

The more Mrs. Ghosh hears about Vinay’s writing, the more her fantasies come out to play and she wants to feed into them. The storyline is quite simple with no major twists and turns but the pace of the show is what makes it. We’d 100% recommend you give this one a go.

Aamras – All Episodes

Episode name Release date Director
Episode 1 August 15, 2023 Himanchu Brahmabhatt
Episode 2 August 15, 2023 Himanchu Brahmabhatt
Episode 3 August 15, 2023 Himanchu Brahmabhatt
Episode 4 August 15, 2023 Himanchu Brahmabhatt
Episode 5 August 22, 2023 Himanchu Brahmabhatt
Episode 6 August 22, 2023 Himanchu Brahmabhatt
Episode 7 August 22, 2023 Himanchu Brahmabhatt
Episode 8 August 22, 2023 Himanchu Brahmabhatt

Aamras – Cast and Crew

Name of actors and actresses Role
Frarhan S. Ansari Vinay
Dharmendra Gupta Mr. Ghosh
Payal Patil Mrs. Ghosh


Aamras is an offbeat bold, erotic web series on Ullu, which we’d 100% recommend you binge-watch. If you have been meaning to start the web series and have been looking for some reviews, we hope this gives you a good idea as to what you can expect from it.


Is Aamras available for free streaming?

You can stream Aamras for free on Ullu. Just ensure that you have an account.

How long is each episode of Aamras?

Each episode is around 20-30 minutes long, so you can watch them without interruptions.

Where can I watch Aamras?

Aamras is an Ullu-exclusive web series, so you can stream it on the web or mobile application.

When did Aamras release?

Aamras’ first episode was released on August 15, 2023.

How many episodes are there in Aamras?

There are eight episodes in total in Aamras. All of them are available for streaming on Ullu.


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