Manmaniyan – (Hindi Web Series) – Everything We Know So Far

Manmaniyan – (Hindi Web Series)

Bold and erotic web series are often misconstrued by the audience, thinking that there’s not much to unfold about them. What you don’t realize is that some of these shows bring a depth of story that even some of the most popular web series don’t.

Among them, Manmaniyan is one of those underrated web series that we think deserves a special mention. The show is available on Ullu and has gained a decent viewership and deserves a lot more. If you have been meaning to watch something with depth, this is a good one.

We will discuss more about the show’s plot, characters, cast and the release dates in this guide for you.

Manmaniyan – Details

Other names Manmaniyan
Language Hindi
Genre Bold, erotic, adult
Release date August 01, 2023 to August 08, 2023
Director Raaj Basu
Distributed by Ullu
Seasons 1
Episodes 6

Plot of Manmaniyan

The themes in Manmaniyan will trigger a fair share of the audience and that’s fine. Sometimes, we come across shows that have plots that are quite controversial and this one seems to be one of them.

If you are easily triggered by concepts of “age difference” but both the people involved are of legal age and can consent to their relationships, this is not the show for you. Certain topics of discussion might not be every person’s cup of tea, so we’d recommend you tread with caution.

Coming to the plot, Manmaniyan follows the like of Dev Kumar, a middle-aged man who finds himself being attracted to one of his daughter’s friends, Soni. He quickly falls in love with her but things aren’t as rosy and beautiful as you’d expect.

With the sudden attraction that he develops for someone that’s his daughter’s age, things do end up escalating in a way that no one expected. He finds himself questioning a lot of things in his life, including the strength of his marriage.

Eventually, through heartbreaks and complexities, Dev has to unfold a series of things about human relationships and how they work. The show, as we said, is not for everyone. The storyline, despite its simplicity, will move you.

There are mentions of infidelity and age difference but it is integral to the storyline, so we’d recommend you give this a go.

Manmaniyan – All Episodes

Episode name Release date Director
Episode 1 August 01, 2023 Raaj Basu
Episode 2 August 01, 2023 Raaj Basu
Episode 3 August 01, 2023 Raaj Basu
Episode 4 August 08, 2023 Raaj Basu
Episode 5 August 08, 2023 Raaj Basu
Episode 6 August 08, 2023 Raaj Basu

Manmaniyan – Cast & Crew

Name of the actors and actresses Role
Sunita Rajput Yesterday
Ravindra Yadav Raj
Aayushi Jaiswal Soni
Anuraj Sharma Dev


Manmaniyan is one of those bold web series that leaves you questioning life and relationships. It has a very unique plotline, which we’d suggest every person watch at least once. The pace of the show is pretty great, which translates to the viewing experience.


Is Manmaniyan available for free streaming?

Manmaniyan is distributed by Ullu, so if you wish to watch the show for free, you’d have to create an account on Ullu.

Is there a season 2 of Manmaniyan?

Manmaniyan has recently been released last month, so there are no chances for a second season anytime soon.

How many episodes does Manmaniyan have?

Manmaniyan has 6 episodes in total and all of them are available for streaming on Ullu.

Where can I download Manmaniyan?

Manmaniyan is Ullu’s exclusive show, so it isn’t available for download elsewhere.

Is Manmaniyan 18+?

Yes, Manmaniyan is 18+ and not suitable for teenagers under 18 or children.


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