8 TPD Automatic Oil Mill Plant Installed at Ambad MIDC, Jalna Maharashtra

8 TPD Automatic Oil Mill Plant Installed at Ambad MIDC, Jalna Maharashtra

Shri Moreshwar Food Processing Private Limited, Ambad, Jalna, Maharashtra, installed an 8 Ton automatic oil mill plant with the help of OM Engineering Works, Keshod, Gujarat.

May 2022 – Jalna Maharashtra – Oil mill plant with 8-ton crushing capacity installed by OM Engineering Works, Gujarat. A complete automatic oil mill plant, including groundnut decorticator, elevators, hoppers, oil expellers, oil filters, and all other required oil mill parts, are manufactured by OM Engineering Works and installed successfully to process 8 Ton oil seeds to extract oil from them. It is installed at a 500 sq ft area though 350 sq ft is enough for all machinery set up.

8 ton oil mill

An oil mill plant is a complete set of various machinery like oil expellers, oil filters, groundnut decorticators and more to produce oil from different oil seeds like groundnuts/peanuts, sesame, sunflower, rapeseed, cotton, flaxseeds, coconut, and more.

An oil expeller is the heart of mini oil mill plants as it extracts oil from various edible oil seeds. Oil expellers are available in various sizes and models to accommodate different oilseeds and capacity requirements. Automatic oil mill plants are available in different crushing capacities, from 3 Ton to 16 Ton per day, and the area required by this plant is from 250 sq ft to 700 sq ft, depending on the model size.

This machine can produce a higher oil rate and improve the quality of edible oil. It is also suitable for large scale production. Its features include a more powerful pressing capacity, fewer losses, and high oil output. They have successfully supplied and installed different capacity based mini oil mill plants and fully automatic oil mill plants in different cities and states of India. Their team’s motive is to provide the best quality oil machinery within the client’s budget and the deadline.

Setting up a mini oil mill plant is not that expensive if you plan to make only oil. Compared to the big companies, the investment required for the mini oil mill is much lower. You will need to invest in building, machinery, workers, and capital margins among the various investment areas. And, of course, you will also need to invest in raw materials.

“OM automatic oil mill plant is a high-quality, affordable option for the people who want to start an edible oil industry,” said Vishal Davda, OM Engineering Works’ CEO. “We want to give everyone in the edible oil business an automatic plant to reasonably increase production capacity and with less time and energy.

“The 8-Ton automatic oil mill plant, installed at Jalna, Maharashtra, is used to extract groundnut/peanut oil. Our client prefers to have a fully automatic oil mill plant with 8 Ton per day crushing capacity,”  said Vishal Davda, OM Engineering Works’ CEO. “Our expert team has installed all machinery here and stayed there until the machine started working well. Our team is there till the client understands the working process. Customer satisfaction is our motto, and we believe happy customers are one of the factors to make a business successful.”

8 TPD oil mill plant installation

This is how the owner of the 8-ton automatic oil extracting plant honored the team of OM Engineering Works during the inauguration ceremony.

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OM Engineering Works was started in 2003 by Mr. Bipin Davda by getting inspiration from his father, Mr. M.V. Davda, who began a mini oil mill plant machinery manufacturing firm in 1980. After getting experience of 23 years with his father, Mr. B.M. Davda started a new firm known as OM Engineering Works. They have served many customers in Gujarat and other states of India. Their machinery is well known for the best quality they provide. Know more at www.omengworks.com