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The advent of the internet not only enabled us to get all the information in one click but also provided access to some of the illegal sites. The freedom of usage is at the utmost level. There are different alternatives available on the internet that help the users to access desired information and contents. The most prominent thing on the internet is the downloading of movies through different illegal websites. People always try to get everything free of cost. This encourages piracy, and it is not at all appropriate. Streaming and downloading pirated content is gaining popularity even though there are different norms imposed regarding piracy. Most of the countries banned illegal websites from catering to the need of stopping piracy in every aspect. One of the famous sites that provides a wide range of pirated content is Worldfree4u. Here we will analyze the different aspects of this site and the legal alternatives. 

What is Worldfree4u?


WorldFree4u is a torrent website that provides prated content regarding the movies and other video contents. They leak different film from all the genres. Whether it is related to Bollywood or Hollywood, you can get access to all. The reason for the popularity of these sites is because of the availability of those movies which are going to be released. The users can get vivid sets of movies such as regional movies and dubbed films in any language. This torrent website provides access to those movies without charging any subscription fees. 

This website doesn’t only leaks movies which are going to release in theatres but also provides pirated contents from legal and popular streaming websites such as Hotstar, amazon prime video, Netflix, etc. after the release of movies or any video content worldfree4u pirates that and put them on their site for illegal downloads. This illegal website doesn’t only provide movies for downloading but also has a feature that helps the user to stream the desired one. You can easily watch different TV shows, movies, documentaries on this website. It is among the most popular illegal websites that experience massive traffic throughout the day. However, it is not safe for users as it is equipped with lots of pop-up ads that ruin the whole experience.

Features of Worldfree4u

Worldfree4u has gained massive popularity due to its different features. These features make it quite adaptable and an attractive site for downloading movies from various genres. The soaring popularity of this site though it is an illegal one is due to the following features that help to lure the different kinds of users.

  • The massive collection of movies in high definition makes it apt for users. One can get any resolution that provides class apart viewing experience.
  • It doesn’t only contain the movies in different languages but also equipped with dubbed versions of the same. This caters to the needs of all kinds of users.
  • When it comes to size, it provides those movies which are small in size, making the whole process of downloading easier.
  • The user interface of the website is clean and straightforward. One can easily understand all the things in one go.
  • The availability of various genres of movies makes it quite popular.

Movie categories on Worldfree4u

Worldfree4u has different movie categories that help the user to get ease in finding the desired one. If you are unable to find one on this list, then you can quickly type it on the search bar and get the desired one quickly. The following are the categories available on worldfree4u.

  • Bollywood Movies
  • Latest Hollywood Dubbed Movies
  • Latest South Indian Movies
  • Dubbed Movies
  • Hollywood Movies

Steps to access Worldfree4u

As this is a banned site by the Indian government, you need to visit it with the help of a VPN. If you are trying typically to visit this in your browser, then it is not possible. VPN will allow you to access this site as it helps in providing an anonymous IP address that saves you from any problems. If you want to get a grab of the whole process, then the following steps are going to be vital.

  • The foremost process is to download VPN software and install that on your device.
  • The next step is to set the software and access the different country VPNs.
  • Select any of the IP addresses other than your country.
  • When you are connected to the different countries VPN, you are anonymous. The IP will now be different.
  • Open the browser and search for Worldfree4u.
  • The home screen consists of the latest updated movies and TV shows. It is also equipped with different categories that help the user to search the desired content as per their interest 
  • Once you click on the desired content such as movies, TV shows, and other content it opens a new window where you can find the links to download.
  • You can easily download them with ease and can help yourself to enjoy the desired movies or contents.

12 Best alternatives of Worldfree4u

When it comes to stopping legality, everyone wants to be away from trouble. If you are an avid fan of movies and other video contents, then the below mentioned legal alternatives will help you in getting a daily dose of entertainment without any stress.

1. Hotstar


This is a great platform that provides access to different kinds of video content. With this, you can access movies, TV shows, web series, and others. If you want to get access to the original content without any fear of legal issues, then this is among the best alternatives. It also provides different regional movies as well as TV shows. This is purely a subscription-based platform that charges an amount for giving original content. This is the best alternative for those users who are readily using worldfree4u though it demands an amount the prevention of piracy makes it quite efficient.

2. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon prime video is also a platform that helps the user to access all the entertainment contents easily. This is also a subscription-based platform. You can easily download the app and register yourself. It contains all the newly released movies and TV shows that can be streamed and downloaded. It also has a dedicated web series that is quite popular. A recent example is the Mirzapur.

3. Netflix


When it comes to frontrunners among streaming of online content, including movies, TV shows, web series, then Netflix holds the peak. This provides access to all the film, whether it is related to Bollywood or Hollywood. If you are looking for an abundant source of entertainment, then this is going to be the best one. Opting for this can help you in attaining legal grounds. You can get access to this platform through a paid subscription.

4. Sony Liv 


Sony liv is among the best in class video content providers from the Sony Entertainment Network channels in India. You can find all the entertainment-related content from all its channels such as Sony Max, Sony MAX 2, Sony SAB, Sony Ten, Sony Six, and Sony Pix. It is equipped with a wide selection of regional movies. The additional advantage you get from this platform is the Japanese animations. In India, it provides access to almost all the contents. You can listen to the original soundtracks of different singers as well. Most of the services offered are on its app. Some of the contents are subscription-based while all the others can be equipped free of cost.

5. MX player

MX Player

MX player is a video-on-demand video streaming platform that has massive popularity around the globe. It is an Indian app that can stream videos from different sources. This is a platform that can provide access to a wide variety of video content free of cost. It operated on an ad-supported model. However, the content available on this platform is limited, but one can get ample amounts of entertainment from this. It is legal, which makes it apt for a responsible citizen. This is the best alternative for using any illegal websites.

6. Popcornflix


If you want to get an idea of a legal platform that can help you to get a wide selection of entertainment content, then this ad-based platform is quite significant. This OTT service provider has various range of contents related to movies and web series. You can access the content without paying any fees as it is a free-of-cost platform, but you need to cater to the advertisements.

7. Sony crackle

Sony crackle
Sony Crackle

This is one of the ad-based platforms that provide access to different kinds of movies. It is free of cost platform that doesn’t need any kind of subscription fee. You can get access to most of the Hollywood movies from this platform. In addition to that web series, TV shows can also be streamed on this platform. 

8. HDO


This is a legal streaming platform that provides a massive number of movies and web series for users. You can access this site without any concern about legal issues. It offers ethical access to different kinds of video content quickly. Watching high definition videos and the latest movies are relatively easy as it allows access to those for free. One can easily watch a movie in any genre such as action, sci-fi, horror, etc.

9. YouTube


This is one of the oldest OTT platforms that provide access to a wide range of video content. You can stream any video material and movies from this platform. This OTT platform provides both free of cost access as well as subscription-based access. Though you will not be able to get newly released movies very soon, but with the paid subscription you can get an amazing film as well as all the TV shows. It is among the most vivid sources that provide access to video songs.

10. Vudu


The core competency of this streaming app is the user interface. All the contents on this platform are categorized and help the user to find the desired one with ease. You can get a variety of entertainment options on this platform from movies to web series, TV shows to documentaries. Apart from all of this, it is a legal platform that saves you from trouble.



Hosting more than 10,000 different types of films and bringing content from different genres, Fawesome is quickly becoming everyone’s favourite. The best part is that this site doesn’t charge anything for its services. The site allows HD streaming of its contents. If you aren’t willing to subscribe to the legal movie streaming applications, the best option to try out is Its collection of content is varied and top-notch. You can get movies in different languages like Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, etc. Not just, movies from 25 different genres are available. Isn’t that amazing? The site also works on different consoles like Xbox One, Roku, Fire TV, etc. 

12. IMDb tv


Another most well-known legal movie streaming platform among movie freaks is IMDb TV. The site offers services for free. If you are to know anything related to a film or web series, you would get every information about it on IMDb tv. With every content, this site has put up necessary details. So, anytime you choose to stream unknown content, you can gain some knowledge about it from the description box. The contents of IMDb tv are continually updated, to make sure users don’t get bored of watching the old ones. 

13. Open Culture

If you are particularly drawn towards vintage films, Open Culture is for you. Here, you can get access to about 1,170 films that include Indies, classics, noir, western content, and more. The site is extremely easy to use. Like all other sites, its content is categorised into groups based on their language, genre, year of release, etc. You can even find some of the blockbuster films dubbed into different versions. This is done to ensure that people of a different culture can enjoy the content of other cultures. Overall, the site offers a satisfying experience. Once you enter the site, you wouldn’t want to exit. 


The main motto of this article is to provide pertinent and credible information to the readers. In any way, we do not support the act of piracy whatsoever. This article will provide all the relevant information regarding the legal issues related to accessing illegal websites. It is our humble request not to visit those illegal websites that don’t comply with the anti-privacy law. However, to cater to the needs of viewers by providing them with the information of some of the legal movie sites is necessary. With these legal sites, one can get a unique visual experience regarding the different contents. As a responsible citizen, we have to stop accessing those illegal sites and follow the rules by using legal alternatives.


Are there any issues regarding the legality of worldfree4u?

Worldfree4u is an illegal platform that provides access to pirated content which is banned in many countries. There are severe repercussions regarding access to the contents. One should try to minimize their visits to these sites as they can harm you legally.

Why should you not visit any illegal movie site?

Illegal movie sites are liable to government actions. The government can easily take action against these. With the rise in data theft and other piracy-related issues, the government is making stringent policies. It is not safe to access those illegal sites as the user can also get in trouble.

How can we get full access to legal alternatives?

Most of the platforms are equipped with subscription clauses. These all provide paid services to the user. However, there are some of them, which provide free access to the contents. Apart from that, others also provide access on a trial basis.

What can we expect from these alternatives?

All these legal alternatives are capable of providing different content, such as web series, movies, documentaries, and everything else. You can also stream TV shows as well as newly released films and web series. These are excellent platforms to cater to all the entertainment needs without worrying about piracy.

Are these legal alternatives providing downloading features to the users?

All these legal alternatives are equipped with a feature that provides users to download their favourite content. Apart from streaming features, these alternatives offer numerous features.


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