Why is Ethiopia a Popular Destination for Indian Tourists?

Why is Ethiopia a Popular Destination for Indian Tourists?

Why is Ethiopia a Popular Destination for Indian Tourists?

Ethiopia is among the most popular place to visit in Africa. It happens to be a great place to enjoy the wildlife and the cultural diversity. Ethiopia now is majorly focusing on tourism from India. It is now even noting a substantial amount of about 13 million Indian traveling outside the country each year. Being located in the major part of Africa, it raises the bar for travelers.

It is among the top 5 spots in the continent, which attracts a great number of travelers every year. Besides, you can easily obtain an eVisa for Ethiopia, which has made it more convenient for travelers to enjoy their trip.

Attracting Indian travelers

Statistics have revealed that more than 13 million people every year travel out of India. There is also a good share of this market which is quite significant to Ethiopia’s growth. There have been new plans made by the government to attract more visitors. They are trying their best to advertise the country in India and gain maximum numbers of travelers every year.

Undoubtedly, it is quite a popular tourist destination among the Indians as there are a huge population of Indians residing in Ethiopia who have well-established business over there. Beings the second most populous nation in Africa, Ethiopia has got proper arrangements for catering the tourist needs, especially from India. The federal government has got a clear aim that it hopes Ethiopia is among the top 5 places in Africa, and India herein will play a crucial role.

The Ethiopian government has recently opened an embassy in New Delhi and is planning to set up tourism boards in India for promotions. By the next year, there will be the establishment of tourism boards in Mumbai and New Delhi. India is going to be a vital factor in successfully making Ethiopia a tourist destination.

Why India is a preferable target?

India has got a bit of similarity with Ethiopia in terms of the ancient civilizations in the world. Thus establishing the connection with tourism promotion is what the government is majorly focusing on to attract the Indians. It is working hard to popularise the tourism of the country. Be it in terms of wildlife, history, religion, or anything else, Ethiopia has got it all for the Indian travelers to enjoy their trip to the very best.

There are also airlines from Mumbai and Delhi one can take to visit Ethiopia. The country aims to incorporate more flights from different Indian cities. Chennai is considered a major airport for the same.

The Government plan

The government aims to expand tourism and welcome the greatest number of Indian tourists every year. They are well prepared to cater to the dietary needs of the Indians. They are considering adding several Indian restaurants to keep up with the needs of the Indian tourists.

As there is a huge population of Indians already residing and working in South Africa, things are a lot more convenient for the Indians; it has become a popular nation to enjoy a great wildlife experience and culture within budget. Not to mention you can now easily obtain an eVisa online for Ethiopia, which further has ensured one gets to enjoy their trip without any inconvenience.

Experience you’ll never forget

A trip to Ethiopia will be worth it. No matter whether you are planning to visit it alone or with your group, the country is well prepared to provide you with a great experience in every possible manner.

Just make sure you get in touch with a travel agency to book your package right in advance. It will guarantee you get to experience Ethiopia to the very best.