Who Is Jo Koy’s Wife? More about His Dating History and Marriage

Who Is Jo Koy's Wife? More about His Dating History and Marriage

Professionally known as Jo Koy, Joseph Glenn Herbert Sr. is a popular American stand-up comedian and an actor as well. He gained his recognition being a panelist on the show, Chelsea Lately. 

Besides gaining a lot of traction being a stand-up comedian, Jo Koy is also called out and questioned regarding his love life, marriage, and dating history. One of his last relationships with Chelsea Handler was heavily publicized.

This article will look into all the relationship details and love life of Jo Koy and even list down details about his past marriages.

Who is Jo Koy Married to in 2023?

Jo is not married to anyone in 2023. There were certain speculations but none of them have been confirmed by any of the parties involved. 

One of Jo’s last relationships was with one of the few American comedians, Chelsea Handler. Their relationship was very publicized and put in front of the media. The two made their relationship public in 2021 by posting on Instagram.

In one of her first Instagram posts about Jo, Chelsea highlighted their tours and how they often tour separately and together as well. However, despite how public their relationship was, they didn’t last long.

The two broke up with each other on amicable terms. According to reports, the two are friends even after separating and even wish each other well. He also emphasized how important it is for him to have healthy relationships since he wants to be an example to his son.

Who was Jo Koy Dating before Chelsea Handler?

Before dating Chelsea Handler, Jo Koy was in a rumored relationship with Tia Carrere. However, the reports were only media speculations and none of them have confirmed anything about being together.

The only time Joy Koy publicly discussed Tia was back in 2011. Even back then, the comedian did so to congratulate Tia on her Grammy win. That was the extent of the interaction. Since then, the two haven’t publicly been seen together.

Later by the end of 2011, they walked the red carpet for the film, Footloose, which further sparked a lot of controversies and rumors. However, with the lack of public interaction between the two, it is safe to assume that they weren’t dating.

Who was Jo Koy Married to?

Besides being in several relationships, Jo was married to Angie King, who was a budding musician and entrepreneur in Los Angeles. She followed in her father’s footsteps and ventured into the world of music.

Although no accurate information is available, it looks like the two started dating somewhere around the 2000s. Soon after, they tied the knot but couldn’t sustain their relationship.

However, even after separation, Jo and his ex-wife, Angie are on excellent terms and are good friends. Their relationship is so strong that the two even quarantined together during the pandemic in 2020.

They do have a lot of respect for each other, which is quite refreshing to see in divorced couples. The two are parents to their son, Joseph Herbert Jr. He was born in 2003 and is 20 years old now. Despite having divorced parents, he has always been raised with a lot of love and care by his parents.


Jo Koy has a reputation for being rumored by a lot of women. However, most of them seem like just that – Rumors. The only few relationships that Jo has publicly confirmed and acknowledged are mentioned in this article. If you are a fan of this comedian, we hope this article gives you a good insight into the kind of love life he has.