Jane From Many Sides Of Jane: Who Abused Her?

Jane From Many Sides Of Jane: Who Abused Her?

People who are fond of watching documentaries will probably know about “Many Sides of Jane.” It’s a well-known documentary about a girl named Jane, a victim of abuse.

The film follows Jane’s story as she tries to cope with her trauma. Her life is affected due to her past experiences and through this documentary, we learn about the people who abused her. 

Jane is currently in the healing phase and recovering from her trauma. If you are intrigued to know more about this story, you should give this article a read.

What Happened To Jane?

Jane spent most of her childhood in an onion farm in Idaho. She was a bright student and a very good athlete. After her grades started falling, she quit school.

At age 17, she started recalling the entire trauma she suffered. She was abused both emotionally and sexually. According to her, she was abused by her father, ex-partner, and stepfather. However, she didn’t get into the specifics of the abuse.

Jane’s mother feels she failed to protect her daughter. Jane is also diagnosed with DID (dissociative identity disorder). It is a mental disorder that has created multiple personalities in Jane. Three of her personalities are 10-year-old Beth 4-year-old Janey, and a lesbian.

Who Are Jane’s Abusers?

Jane is abused by different people, belonging to various backgrounds. Based on the documentary, we can tell she experienced abuse from her biological father, ex-partner, and stepfather.

Jane has been through a lot. Throughout her life, she has been a victim of both emotional and physical abuse. Her alcoholic father abused her when she was a child. Her stepfather was no better and abused her physically. He even manipulated her to get things done. That’s not all, Jane was also abused by her former partner, who tortured her psychologically as well as emotionally. He was a manipulative and control freak who turned Jane’s life into a living nightmare.

Impact of Abuse on Jane’s Life

The amount of abuse and trauma Jane has been through has a strong impact on her life. It turned her life upside down and changed her as a person.

At present, Jane is trying to recover and cope with all the things that happened to her in the past. Her abusive past life heavily affected her mental health, career, and relationships. She no longer trusts people to form relationships with them.

She has suffered for many years and was abused by the people whom she considered close to her. Jane’s own family and partner betrayed and wronged her. Besides mental trauma, she is dealing with anxiety and depression. She also has low self-esteem.

Final Words

The documentary Many Sides of Jane shares a strong narrative about a woman who faced abuse from various sources. Jane’s story reveals the identities of those who harmed her in the past and the effects of the abuse. Despite the challenges, Jane shows bravery as she strives to heal and take back control of her life.


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