WhistlinDiesel Net Worth in 2024 – Income, Salary, Career, Bio

WhistlinDiesel Net Worth

Are you interested in car stunts and the whole adventure that comes with it? If yes, WhistlinDiesel is a YouTuber that you are probably familiar with. Run by Cody Detwiler, the primary focus of the YouTube channel was to post dangerous car stunts.

Cody’s YouTube isn’t just limited to stunts but also showcases his interest in different types of cars and trucks. He is also rumored to buy different expensive cars, only to end up destroying them later. 

With the steep and steady rise that Cody has acquired in his career, it isn’t surprising that people often enquire about his net worth. We will discuss more on that in this article.

Quick Facts

Full Name Cody Detwiler
Birth Date July 18, 1998
Age 25
Country of Origin USA
Nationality American
Profession Youtuber
Marital Status Married
Parent’s Name Unknown
Spouse Mrs. WhistlinDiesel
Social Media Accounts: Facebook
Net Worth (as of 2024) $5 million
Last Updated: May 30, 2024

Early life

Cody Detwiler was born on July 18, 1998, in Indiana, U.S. There’s not much information about his parents or their names. However, it is rumored that Cody was born to a family that specialized in farming practices and the automobile industry.

Coming to his education, Cody reportedly completed his education at a local school in Indiana. Right from his childhood, Cody had a knack for trucks and automobiles, which led him to his career.

There is no information about Cody’s college or higher education, if he pursued any in his life.

Personal life

Given that Cody is an extremely private person, it isn’t a question that there’s not much information available about his personal life on the internet.

However, reports and rumors suggest that Cody is married. She has a YouTube channel titled Mrs. WhistlinDiesel but the channel doesn’t have any videos. Furthermore, she likes to keep herself private and away from the eyes of the audience.


Cody started his YouTube channel, WhistlinDiesel when he was a teenager. Although his initial videos were pretty tame and didn’t involve many stunts, things got progressively dangerous.

With over 5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, it isn’t surprising that Cody earns a lot of views on the one-of-a-kind videos that he posts on his channel. It is also reported that he deliberately buys expensive cars only to destroy them later.

Given that he acquires millions of views on each video that he posts each month, it isn’t even surprising that he is approached by several brands for promotions. Besides car stunts, Cody has also been experimenting with different farming equipment, which has added a breath of fresh air to his content.


Net Worth

As of 2024, WhistlinDiesel has an estimated net worth of around $5 million. Kindly keep in mind that this is an estimated amount. Most of Cody’s income comes from his YouTube channel and the ad revenue that she generates from her channel.

Besides that, Cody also earns a steady income through brand deals and sponsorships that she posts during her videos and on her other social media platforms too. 

Although Cody hasn’t revealed any information about his real estate and properties, it is believed that he has a family home in Indiana, which is where he lives with his wife. He does own a variety of luxury cars, which adds to his social status. 

WhistlinDiesel’s Ferrari Lawsuit

WhistlinDiesel’s $400,000 Ferrari F8 and a rental minivan were involved in an accident while his team were filming a video for his YouTube channel. Even though they didn’t plan to set the cars on fire, it somehow happened.

As far as WhistlinDiesel’s Ferrari lawsuit is concerned, the YouTuber often talked about the manufacturer’s history of suing customers who didn’t treat their cars properly or modified them.

Despite all the legal risks involved, he treated his F8 Tributo like a rental car during a summer vacation in 2023. He also told his followers how he upgraded his car with a more powerful tune and an aftermarket exhaust system.


1. Where did WhistlinDiesel get his money from?

WhistlinDiesel is a YouTube channel run by Cody Detwiler. The channel is one of the most popular channels that deal with automobiles, cars, etc. When asked, Cody revealed that his passion for cars led to the channel’s name. He has made millions by posting videos on his channel.

2. How much money does WhistlinDiesel make?

With over 5 million subscribers, Cody makes over a million dollars every year just from the YouTube ad revenue. He also earns through brand deals and sponsorships.

3. Is Cody Detwiler still married?

Cody Detwiler was married to Rae previously but the two of them have separated and they seem to be on cordial terms.