Where Is Frank Lucas’ Wife – Julianna Farrait Now? 

Where Is Frank Lucas’ Wife - Julianna Farrait Now? 

In the present world, we often come across the concept of drug dealers in the books and movies that we read and see. However, the prevalence of drug traffickers dates back to the old days and among them, one name that stands out is Frank Lucas.

Besides the kind of name that Frank Lucas has had in the media, his wife has also gained an equal amount of fame in the media. Julianna Farrait is the wife of Frank Lucas. Following in her husband’s footsteps, even Julianna got into drug trafficking.

This article will further venture into exploring more about Julianna Farrait and her association with Frank Lucas.

More about Julianna Farrait

As we mentioned, Julianna Farrait is the significant other and partner of popular drug dealer, Frank Lucas. Born in 1941, Farrait is currently 82 years old.

Until her marriage to Lucas, Farrait didn’t have any recognition in the media. There’s not much to know about her childhood since she hasn’t revealed much about the same. However, what we know is that Farrait was raised in Puerto Rico.

She has also not revealed much about her parents and her siblings and the kind of life she had growing up.

What do we know about Julianna Farrait and Frank Lucas’ Marriage?

Julianna was married to Frank Lucas and the top of them had their relationship under the wraps instantly. However, once their relationship became publicized, that’s when Farrait started gaining more recognition in the media.

With the kind of drug dealing and trafficking that the two engaged in, it isn’t surprising that people often looked at them for all the wrong factors.

As for their marriage, the two of them got married in 1967 in an intimate relationship. They only had their friends and family during the event. When we reel back into their life, we have reported that the two met on a plane while they were on the way to Puerto Rico.

The two were traveling luxuriously and hit it off right from their first conversation. They did have some issues with their communication, which is when Lucas’ manager asked Farrait to come to meet him in New York.

But, after their quick affair up in the sky in the plane, the two didn’t see each other until a few months later. Soon after, they ended up crossing paths again in the club and started dating from thereon.

How many Children do Julianna Farrait and Frank Lucas have?

The two of them are proud parents to six children – Frank Lucas Jr., Francine Lucas-Sinclair, Candace Lucas, Ray Lucas, Ruby Lucas, Betty Lucas, and Tony Walters.

All of the children are pretty close to Julianna and were close to their father too before his death. Despite having parents that are associated with crime and drug trafficking, none of the children have given in that lifestyle.

Besides that, their oldest son, Frank Lucas Jr. is also an actor and has established quite a lot of repertoire in Hollywood. Some of the shows and movies that he has acted in include Night Bird and Tonight’s the Nite.

Furthermore, one of their daughters also runs a non-profit organization called Yellow Bricks Road. There’s not a lot of information about the other children.

If you have been curious about Julianna Farrait and Frank Lucas and their relationship, we hope this article gives you all the insights. Frank passed away in May 2019 in New Jersey and was 88 years during that time. Julianna seems to be living a very private life right now and prefers staying out of the media.