Were William Windom And Angela Lansbury Good Friends?

Were William Windom And Angela Lansbury Good Friends?

Both Angela Lansbury and William Windom are famous personalities. As a result, people have always been curious to know more about their personal lives.

The two belong to the league of successful actors and enjoy a long, prosperous career. Since they belong to the same industry, it is natural for them to know each other. They shared a strong bond that lasted for years. In this post, we will delve deeper into the lives and friendships of Angela Lansbury and William Windom.

The Amazing Story Of William Windom And Angela Lansbury

Now let’s talk about William Windom and Angela Lansbury, two distinguished figures in the entertainment industry. They left a huge impact on the entertainment industry with their talents and achievements.

William Windom:

Hailing from New York and born in 1923, William Windom graced the world with his acting prowess. Known as a versatile performer, he garnered fame for his work in shows like My World Welcome to It and The Farmer’s Daughter. 

Windom’s excellence in the craft earned him a remarkable seven Emmy Award nominations. In 1969, he was awarded the best actor in a leading role. 

Angela Lansbury:

Born in 1925, in London, Angela Lansbury emerged as an American singer, actress, and businesswoman of unparalleled talent. Her career featured standout roles in popular shows like She Wrote and Bedknobs, Murder, and Broomsticks. 

Lansbury’s contributions did not go unnoticed, as she earned six Emmy Award nominations and numerous other awards for her incredible work.

Friendship Of William Windom And Angela Lansbury

Now let’s explore the heartwarming friendship between Angela Lansbury and William Windom, which began in the 1950s at the sets of Hotel Paradiso. This special connection between them not only endured for many years but also left a lasting mark on their careers in the world of entertainment.

Their friendship started to bloom during their joint venture in Hotel Paradiso. This shared experience laid the foundation for a strong bond that went beyond the stage. They found joy in each other’s company and often spent time together, both professionally and personally.

The duo’s bond extended into their work leading to various collaborations throughout their acting careers. One notable project was the television movie, The Man with Three Wives, which came out in 1973. Additionally, they graced the Broadway stage together in 1977, starring in The King and I.

Despite the ups and downs of show business, Angela and William’s friendship remained strong. They supported each other in their professional endeavors and cherished the moments they spent together.

The friendship between Angela Lansbury and William Windom stood the test of time until Windom’s passing in August 2012. Lansbury, as a true friend said goodbye to William Windom at his funeral. Their lasting friendship shows how strong and special friendships can be in the acting world.

Final Words

The story of William Windom and Angela Lansbury goes beyond their achievements. It is a tale of a beautiful friendship that enriched both their personal and professional lives.


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