Wall Street Trapper Net Worth – How Much Is the Finance Guru Worth?

Wall Street Trapper Net Worth

If you are struggling with personal finance and trying to make things right for yourself, there are very high chances that you have heard of Wall Street Trapper, aka Leon Howard. He is a finance educator that helps people gain knowledge about personal finances, generational wealth, and money management.

In a world where everyone is chasing money, it isn’t surprising that Leon’s rise to fame has been pretty quick and steep. His main objective is to help people escape poverty and live a financially secure life.

With the kind of social media following he has, people are often curious to know about his net worth. We will explore more on that in this article.

Early Life

Wall Street Trapper was born Leon Howard on July 09, 1962, in New Orleans, Louisiana. His childhood wasn’t the smoothest. Despite being born and raised in a secure environment, the first tragedy hit his life when Leon ended up witnessing his mother getting shot when he was only nine years old.

Not being able to handle the trauma, Leon ended up being surrounded by bad company and engaged in criminal activities like robbery, stealing, dealing drugs, etc.

By the time Leon turned 17, he found himself in the middle of a murder charge, which got him 10 years in prison. He was put at the Louisiana State Penitentiary, during which time he met someone inside the jail that changed his perspective on finance.

Personal Life

Leon met his current partner Maria Gloria in Alaska. Soon after meeting, the couple started dating and have a son together. They also have one child each from their former relationships. The couple currently stay with their three children in Citrus Heights, California.


Leon spent the majority of his 20s behind the prison. However, he utilized that time inside to learn about finance and stocks. During that time, he also indulged in small tasks and prison labor, earning around 8 cents every hour.

He saved that money and once he was out of prison, Leon started working as an iron worker. However, having learned about money, he decided to invest the majority in stocks.

Later, after a lot of hard work and deliberation, Leon launched his company From the Trap to Wall Street. The main motto behind the company was to help common people learn about money. He then started his YouTube Channel, Wall Street Trapper in 2018, which was a big break for him.

Besides posting videos on YouTube, he also sold online courses and merch, which added to his income steadily. Since then, he has been growing his audience across multiple social media platforms.

Net Worth

As of 2023, Leon Howard has an estimated net worth of $6 million. The majority of his income is from his social media presence and YouTube’s ad revenue. He also earns a steady income from his online courses and brand endorsements that he does. With how steadily his popularity is growing, his net worth will soon follow.