Walker Independence Season 2: Renewed?

Walker Independence Season 2

Walker Independence meets its debut with its first season in October 2022. The series follows a lengthy set of mysteries. The show unravels with the effort and role of the gripping, mysterious, and enigmatic characters as they try to unfold the events that fog the events leading up to the mysteries.  

Following the wrap of the first season, Walker Independence has been struggling to find a new platform. The CW, which had initially released the first season of the show, has canceled the series altogether. So, is a new season at all in the making? Fans refuse to give up on the prospect of it. Here are some speculations and rumors that might turn out to be true. After all, one never knows.

What could be the probable release date of Walker Independence season 2?

Jared Padalecki has been putting in quite an effort. However, despite such attempts, the cast and crew of the thriller have not yet been able to announce or even predict a release date for an upcoming season.

Since the primary concern with the release of a second season of Walker Independence has been the lack of a proper platform, fans believe that a season 2 will hit their screens as soon as the creators find a new home for the show. When and how such a platform could be obtained, or when the new season of Walker Independence could be expected to make a return is still a question that cannot be answered as of yet.

Could be the possible plot of Walker Independence season 2?

The first season of Walker Independence had begun with a set of intriguing mysteries that had caught the attention of its audience in no time. The series bases its narrative on Abby Walker a wealthy but troubled woman living in Boston. 

Her husband has been brutally killed and that too before her very eyes as they were traveling out West. This is shown to compel Abby to unravel the mysteries that had led to the death of her husband and also unmask the person responsible for the same. Along her journey, Abby meets new companions such as Calian and Hoyt who also help her in her journey.

If and when a season 2 is to follow, it would be expected for it to pick up from where the first season had left off. It would perhaps still chronicle the quest for retribution and justice that Abby and her companions were shown to be on in the first season of the show.

What could be the probable cast of Walker Independence Season 2?

While no cast has been yet finalized or announced by the creators of the show, here we have put together the list of actors who played recurring characters in the first season of Walker Independence and are expected to make a return in the second season as well.

  • Katherine McNamara

Katherine McNamara

  • Matt Barr

Matt Barr

  • Justin Johnson Cortez

Justin Johnson Cortez

  • Greg Hovanessian

Greg Hovanessian

  • Lawrence Kao

Lawrence Kao

  • Philemon Chambers

Philemon Chambers

  • Katie Findlay

Katie Findlay

  • Mark Sheppard

Mark Sheppard

  • Brandon Sklenar

Brandon Sklenar


No final news regarding any renewal of the show has been announced by the creators or the director of the show. The fans don’t seem to let go of the idea of a second season though. It is also only natural to expect a second season as a lot of mystery is yet to be unraveled by Abby and her companions. 

There are many more twists and turns that perhaps lie in a probable second season of Walker Independence. However, for now, the fans just need to sit tight and wait as the creators fight their own battle to secure a new home for the beloved show.