Happy Valentine’s Day 2021: Wishes & Messages for Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Wife, Husband, Crush, Lovers & Fiance

Valentine’s Day Wishes

Valentine’s Day initially originated as a Western Christian feast day. The day was dedicated to the Christian martyr named Saint Valentine. Through some later folk traditions, everyone started to celebrate it as the day of romance and love. Currently, Valentine’s Day holds a special place in everyone’s heart. Even if someone is single, they feel the urge to fall in love on this day. The environment seems so good and beautiful. It looks like a fairy tale, where everyone is sharing their affections with their loved ones and going out on dates. Every individual tries to make the day special for their loved ones and their efforts make the day even more striking. On this lovely day, even if you are single, you can propose to someone you like with captivating Valentine’s Day Wishes.

Happy Valentine’s Day 2021: Wishes & Messages for Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Wife, Husband, Crush, Lovers & Fiance

Valentine’s Day Wishes

Whom should you send Valentine’s Day Wishes?

Happy Valentine’s Day Wishes

You are my absolute world. I don’t need anyone else to love me.
Happy Valentine’s Day 2021!

You walked it like the sun of my life driving all the dark clouds away. Love You.
Happy Valentine’s Day 2021!

With time, the concept of Valentine’s Day has changed a bit. On Valentine’s Day, people not only with the love of their life. They even try to make the day special for someone who has made their life worth it. People are wishing their mother, father, and even their best friends on Valentine’s Day. Therefore, if you want, you can send Valentine’s Day Messages to your mother, father, best friend, and your sibling apart from the love of your life. 

The day we met was the day when I decided to make you my laugh, hug, cry and crime partner. Love you, darling.
Happy Valentine’s Day 2021!

It is your support which makes me feel complete. Thanks for all the love.
Happy Valentine’s Day 2021, darling!

Valentine’s Day 2021 Wishes

Valentine’s Day 2021 Wishes

When in the dark of the night my eyes see the roof,
You come from nowhere and shut my eyes,
And I see bliss.
Love you my dear.
Happy Valentine’s Day 2021.

Valentine’s Day to me is all about loving you, kissing you and making you smile throughout the day.

You are such a beautiful person inside and out.
Happy Valentine’s Day 2021!

We’ve known love and we’ve known it together. Let us know it more and more. Happy Valentine’s Day 2021!

They are some of the important people of life who strive hard to make your life better. Hence, by wishing them on Valentine’s Day, you will be able to show them that you love and care for them. If you stay away from them, it becomes even more necessary to send them messages on Valentine’s Day. You will find several types of wishes and messages on the internet that would be appropriate for the person you send.

God has created you only for me,
Because he knows no one can love you more than me!
Happy Valentine’s Day 2021

I know this sounds really cheesy but loving you is way too easy. Happy Valentine’s Day 2021, my love!

You are my LOVE, my life, my everything. Happy Valentine’s Day 2021!

Every time I look at you, you set my heart on fire.
Be mine forever.
Happy Valentine’s Day 2021!

Valentine’s Day 2021 Messages

Valentine’s Day 2021 Messages

I love you for all you are,
all you have been and all you will be…
I love you more and I love you forever!
Happy Valentine’s Day 2021

Happiness is marrying your best buddy!
Happy Valentine’s Day 2021 my lovely Valentine!

Every time you kiss me my heart takes a leap. Wish I could kiss you often.
Happy Valentine’s Day 2021!

The day our eyes met I was so sure I will end up being your wife.
Happy Valentines Day 2021, love!

We’ve known love and we’ve known it together. Let us know it more and more. Happy Valentine’s Day 2021!

How to send Valentine’s Day Wishes?

Valentine’s Day Wishes 2021

You’re the perfect definition of love for me, darling!
Happy Valentine’s Day 2021

I want you to love me and never leave me
I love you lots
Be my valentine forever.
Happy Valentine’s Day 2021!

You made me yours, you took a leap of faith, I’ll always hold it high. Love you. Happy Valentine’s Day 2021

If you meet your loved ones face to face, you may wish them verbally. However, if you stay distant, you send Valentine’s Day Wishes through various chat platforms available. You can use Hangouts, WhatsApp, Telegram, or any other, which you use. The wishes can be of just a message, image, or gif. All the leading chat platform would allow you to attach the image or gif and send it across. 

You fill my life with Color!
I Love You.
Happy Valentine’s Day 2021

You would require an internet connection to find the images on the internet and send them. You can even update the status of your WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. Tagging your loved one on the fee of your social media handles is another way of portraying your love to the world.

Sharing love messages and wishes on Valentine’s Day have become a norm. When you display your love to your partner, you can strengthen the bond between you too. When you share love, affection, and positivity with your partner, your relationship tends to go the long way. 

Life with you is bliss.
I want to live each day with you forever and ever.
Happy Valentine’s Day 2021,
my love!

Wherever you go you win hearts, please give my heart a permanent space in yours. Happy Valentine’s Day 2021!


When is Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th February every year.

Can I send Valentine’s Day Wishes to my best friend?

Yes, you can certainly send it as they make efforts to make your life beautiful and flawless.


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