Use a Japanese Virtual Number and Erase All the Boundaries

Use a Japanese Virtual Number and Erase All the Boundaries

IP telephony is a good option for replacing habitual telephone numbers because they do not require large investments in equipment. Companies use such telephony for corporate communication and interaction with customers. For example, contact centers, supermarkets, shopping malls, banks, financial institutions, and any organization that has a sales department. The whole technology is designed not only for phone calls but also for audio and video calls.

Moreover, companies can make conference calls, HD calls, call recordings, and call forwarding to improve customer service. For example, financial services companies can get a Japanese virtual phone number via Freezvon Company and implement flexible inbound routing to manage potentially important missed business calls and increase customer traffic. It makes it easy to increase or decrease a company’s telecommunications needs, paying only for the number of resources needed. In particular, new lines can be added during times of peak demand to meet customer needs. Visually, a virtual number usually looks like an ordinary one. The chosen devices connect to VoIP technology without additional equipment or servers. They don’t require the same installation process as traditional phone lines and are cheaper to maintain.

Reasons to choose

  • You can safely send employees on business trips, knowing that they will always be in touch and able to communicate with the office and customers.
  • It’s easy to use the most favorable call rates regardless of the city or even the country.
  • Virtual numbers allow you to make quick calls even to an office that is not connected to the Internet if you only have a computer with a headset, a laptop, and a 3G/4G connection.
  • Connect SIP numbers for remote call centers so you don’t have to spend money on equipment and office rent.
  • You get access to in-depth analytics and the system will automatically choose the most profitable call route.

All company employees can receive calls from a laptop or landline phone. At the same time, the person calling the client hears the same greeting as when calling the office.

How does it work?

  • The client calls your virtual number.
  • The call is received by SIP trunk via the Internet.
  • A voice call is transformed into a digital signal through VoIP technology.
  • The signal is transmitted to your device: computer, tablet, smartphone, SIP phone, etc.

SIP trunk is an IP telephony service that involves the organization of virtual communication channels (trunk) between the company’s equipment and the operator’s telephone network based on Internet access and the use of the SIP protocol.

Take a closer look at the features of a SIP number that will help your company become more efficient and successful

  • The multichannel feature allows one number to simultaneously receive several calls from different subscribers. The function increases the efficiency of the company’s work and reduces the waiting time for customers.
  • VR menu provides customers with a self-service menu during an incoming call. The function simplifies navigation for the client and allows them to contact the required department or employee of the company faster.
  • Forwarding automatically forwards calls to another number.
  • The call group option links several numbers into a group and sets rules for forwarding them so that you won’t miss important calls.
  • Routing configures the automatic direction of incoming calls to certain numbers or groups depending on the time, day of the week, subscriber number, and other criteria.
  • Voicemail records voice messages from subscribers in case an employee cannot answer the call. These messages can be listened to on a phone, computer, or another device that is configured for voicemail.
  • The answering machine automatically answers incoming calls and plays the set audio message. This function can be configured for different modes of operation.
  • Call recording automatically records all incoming and outgoing calls, which can be useful for monitoring the quality of customer service and saving important information.

The Freezvon digital number provides many functions that help companies organize high-quality information exchange with customers and between employees