Upload Season 3 – When is the Show Returning?

Upload Season 3

Often, you come across shows that are so engaging that you are left wondering, “What’s next?” That’s exactly what the fans of Upload were thinking until the network decided to give us further insights regarding the show’s third season.

The good news is that Upload Season 3 is already out on Amazon Prime, so if you have been wondering what’s up and what’s happening, you can pretty much run and open the streaming app and get around to watching it.

This article will take a peek into all that you need to know about Upload’s new season, which is Season 3, and what you can expect from it.

When is Upload Season 3 Releasing?

Upload’s second season left the audience in a state of dilemma. People were curious to know what would happen next, especially because the season ended with a cliffhanger. But, like always, it is often difficult to pinpoint what the release date would be like.

However, following the success of the first and second seasons, the creators and the network decided to renew and revive the show for the third season.

Upload Season 3 is already out on Amazon Prime Video. It was released on October 20, 2023. So, if you have been awaiting more news about the release date, we’d recommend that you run and watch the new episodes in the season and catch up.

What can we expect from Upload Season 3?

Now that the new season of Upload is already out and released, there is a possibility of us breaking down the original plotline for you.

However, we don’t want to spoil what’s happening, especially for people who have yet to catch up with the show. So, let us walk you through some of the predictions.

In Upload Season 3, Nathan will continue to navigate his new life in Lakeview, while also trying to find out more about his death. He will also face new challenges, such as the arrival of new residents in Lakeview, including Nora’s (Andy Allo) ex-boyfriend. 

According to creator Greg Daniels, Upload Season 3 will be “the most ambitious season yet.” He has also said that the new season will explore new themes, such as the nature of love and consciousness in a digital world.

So, it would be interesting to see the level of justice that the creators bring forth on the table with the new season.

Who is returning to Upload Season 3?

The entire main cast of Upload is expected to return for Season 3, including: 

  • Robbie Amell as Nathan

Robbie Amell

  • Brown Andy Allo as Nora Antony

Brown Andy Allo

  • Allegra Edwards as Ingrid Kannerman

  • Zainab Johnson as Aleesha Khan

Zainab Johnson

  • Kevin Bigley as Luke Crossley

Kevin Bigley

  • Josh Banday as Ivan Askari

Josh Banday

  • Andrea Rosen as Fran Booth

Andrea Rosen

  • Chris Williams as Byron Bittaker

Chris Williams


Upload Season 3 packs in a lot more fun, comedy, and expected character development that has left the audience raving about the new episodes. If you haven’t watched the show yet, we’d recommend you get on Amazon Prime Video and get to watch them right now.


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