Unprisoned Season 4 – Everything We Know So Far

Unprisoned Season 4

Before you get shocked and think we are reeling way too far into the future, we know. But, that’s how predictions work. Unprisoned is a Hulu original comedy-drama series, which currently has one season out for the audience to watch.

So, why are we talking about season 4? Has the show been renewed for a second season yet? Will the show even prolong until Season 4? The questions and confusion seem to be endless but we have all the details for you.

In this article, we will discuss all the tea that we have about Unprisoned Season 4, its release date, and its potential plot.

When is Unprisoned Season 4 Releasing?

Unprisoned Season 4 has a long way to go. At this moment, the show only has one season out, which means that information about the fourth season won’t come anytime soon. There are a lot of things at play right now.

For example, will Hulu renew the show for a second season? If not, there’s no point waiting for a fourth season. But, that said, since the first season of the show was such a huge success, it would be quite disappointing if Hulu decides to bench the show.

Since the first season premiered in 2023, it makes sense that we don’t have any information about the future seasons just yet. It will take some time before Hulu either renews the show or publicly announces the show’s renewal.

What can we expect from Unprisoned Season 4?

If Unprisoned is renewed for a fourth season, we can expect to see Paige and Edwin continue to navigate their relationship and learn more about each other. We may also see Paige continue to deal with her inner demons and work through her childhood trauma. 

In addition, we can expect to see the show continue to explore social issues such as mass incarceration, racism, and mental health.

We only have the first season’s plot and progression to base our predictions off of. Until and unless we know more about the second season and how the creators are considering proceeding with the plot, we’d not know how the storyline would shape up in the next few seasons.

So, at this point, it will be more like a waiting game. Once we have an idea of how Season 2 and Season 3 are going to progress, we will have a clear idea about the fourth season.

Who is returning to Unprisoned Season 4?

If the creators and Hulu decided to bring back Unprisoned Season 4, we can expect the main cast to make a return on the show, including:

  • Kerry Washington as Paige Alexander

Kerry Washington

  • Delroy Lindo as Edwin Alexander

Delroy Lindo

  • Jordyn McIntosh as Little Paige

Jordyn McIntosh

  • Marque Richardson as Finn Alexander 

Marque Richardson

  • Ebonée Noel as Tina Butler 

Ebonée Noel

  • Jon Ecker as Beckett Mariner 

Jon Ecker

  • Michael K. Williams as Miles

Michael K. Williams


Unprisoned is one of the most unique yet humor-invoking shows at the moment. It has a very fresh storyline, which is why fans are so curious about the show’s comeback in the future. If you have been wondering about what’s next, we’d say you save this webpage for all future updates.


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