Unprisoned Season 2 – Has it Been Renewed?

Unprisoned Season 2

Finding a comedy series that’s more than a few jokes can be a difficult nut to crack. However, that’s where Unprisoned comes into the picture. The show, which is available on Hulu, has gained a lot of popularity after the first season.

Created by Tracy McMillan, the show follows Paige, a single mother and therapist who is trying to keep her life together while her recently released father, Edwin, moves in with her and her son, Finn. With how well-written the script of the first season was, the fans are dying to know more about the second season.

We will discuss more about Unprisoned Season 2, its release date, and some of the plot predictions that we can witness in the next season.

When is Unprisoned Season 2 Releasing?

Despite the kind of viewership that the first season of Unprisoned acquired, it is quite surprising that Hulu has not commented on anything related to the show’s renewal yet. The critical acclaim of the show is another reason why we can expect the creators to bring it back with a second season.

It would be interesting to show how things change plot-wise in the second season. That said, if Tracy and Hulu do end up renewing the show for a second season eventually, chances are that it won’t be released any time before 2024.

Since the first season just premiered in March 2023, it makes sense for the creators and the network to take some time before deciding whether it would be a worthy return or not. We can hope that the show will return with a sequel. We just don’t know when it will happen.

What can we expect from Unprisoned Season 2?

In terms of what to expect from UnPrisoned Season 2, creator Tracy McMillan has said that she is interested in exploring a variety of storylines in the new season. 

It would be interesting to see how things progress with the protagonist and her family. We will most likely witness Paige and her father’s relationship develop in the second season as the two of them adjust to living together.

Also, we will get to witness Finn’s character development and his journey in this world while he is trying to make sense of things around him. Edwin’s life, outside of prison, will also be an interesting thing to watch in the show’s second season.

Who is returning to Unprisoned Season 2?

We can expect to see all of the main cast members return for UnPrisoned Season 2. 

This includes: 

  • Kerry Washington as Paige

Kerry Washington

  • Delroy Lindo as Edwin

Delroy Lindo

  • Marque Richardson as Finn

Marque Richardson

  • Jordyn McIntosh as Simone

Jordyn McIntosh

  • Jay Pharoah as Malik

  • Tyler James Williams as Booker

Tyler James Williams

There could be further new additions to the cast list with new supporting cast and crew in the second season.


Unprisoned Season 2 is a highly anticipated release but it looks like the wait is going to be a little bit longer. Since the first season ended just a few months back, it will take a bit more for the show’s creator and the network to reach a common ground to announce the renewal and release.


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