Troy Aikman Net Worth 2024 – Unveiling the Numbers of This NFL Athlete

Troy Aikman Net Worth

Troy Aikman, the name evokes iconic images of a golden helmet, clutch throws, and Super Bowl glory. Beyond the gridiron heroics, he’s built a post-playing career that has propelled him into the realm of financial giants.

Given the extensive indulgence in creating such a flourishing NFL career with millions in annual salaries, fans of Aikman are curious to know about his financial standing. How much is he worth? What kind of investments does he make?

If you are in a similar boat, curious and confused about Troy Aikman’s net worth, we will disclose all the details in this guide.

Quick Facts

Full Name
Troy Kenneth Aikman
Birth Date 21 November 1966
Age 57 Years
Country of Origin West Covina, California, United States
United States of American
Profession American Football player, Announcer, Television presenter and Commentator
Marital status Married
Parents Charlyn Aikman, Kenneth Aikman
Catherine Mooty (m. 2017–2023), Rhonda Worthey (m. 2000–2011)
Social Media Accounts:
Net Worth (as of 2024) $65 Million
Last Updated: May 4, 2024

Early Life

Troy Kenneth Aikman was born in West Covina, California on November 21, 1966. He spent the first 12 years of his life in California and attended a local public school. However, when his family decided to relocate to Henryetta, Oklahoma, that’s when Troy took football seriously.

Soon after enrolling in the high school in Oklahoma, Troy qualified for the football team and outshone the players there. He managed to win the state championship during that time, which was quite amazing.

When it came to attending college, Troy accepted the contract offered by the University of Oklahoma and started playing for their team full-time and on a scholarship ride.


The 1989 NFL Draft saw the Dallas Cowboys, a struggling franchise, take a gamble on Aikman with the first overall pick. It proved a transformative decision. Aikman, paired with the electrifying Emmitt Smith and “The Great Wall” offensive line, led the Cowboys to their first Super Bowl victory in 1993. They repeated the feat in 1994 and 1995, cementing Aikman’s legacy as a champion and solidifying his financial future.

Aikman’s retirement in 2000 ushered in a new chapter. He transitioned seamlessly into broadcasting, becoming a renowned color commentator for Fox Sports. His insightful analysis and natural chemistry with Joe Buck propelled them to become one of the most popular duos in sports broadcasting. This lucrative career provided a significant boost to his net worth.

But Aikman wasn’t content with just calling the game. He ventured into entrepreneurship, establishing several successful businesses. He co-founded a sports marketing agency, invested in real estate developments, and dabbled in startups, demonstrating his savvy business acumen.

Personal Life

Troy Aikman does have an extensive dating history, which started with him dating Lorrie Morgan in 1993. Following their separation, Aikman tied the knot with Rhonda Worthey in 2000 and had two children together. They divorced in 2011. He later married Catherine Mooty in 2017 but current reports suggest that the two have separated already and Aikman is seeing someone new.

Net Worth

With such a diverse career graph, it is quite difficult to pinpoint exactly how much Troy Aikman is worth. Reports do indicate a possible $65 million, which comes from his 12 years of NFL earnings, followed by his broadcasting salary. As a prominent athlete and charismatic personality, Aikman has attracted lucrative endorsement deals throughout his career, further adding to his wealth.


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