Top 7 Tips For Making More Cash Betting On IPL Matches

7 Tips For Making More Cash Betting On IPL Matches

The Indian Premier League or IPL is back finally after a whole year. Unfortunately, Mumbai Indians were defeated very badly by Royal Challengers Bangalore by two wickets. Nevertheless, it was the first win of the entire season, so it calls for celebration. However, the stadium remained empty, and fans could not watch live matches in the stadium. Things would probably stay like this until the entire India is vaccinated and free from the Coronavirus.

Though this year’s IPL matches cannot be attended live, you can still watch them online, through streaming applications or the television. You can even go for online betting on ipl matches. Here we will guide you with some pro tips on online cricket betting and making money from it. So without any further delay, let’s jump into it.

7 Tips For Making More Cash Betting On IPL Matches

Perfect Betting Site Selection

You can get your data breached and allow you to be winless with the worst bookmaker. The correct bookmaker can only be found if you understand your priorities and requirements. You can always maximize the profit on parimatch ipl betting with a perfect Betting site. A good bookmaker or bookie will support multiple betting markets, from football to cricket.

It will help you stream more matches, keep all your data private and safe along with providing your profits immediately. You will find plenty of websites online that can help you choose a good sportsbook. They even rank them accordingly for you to choose the best.

Research On Players And Teams

It is essential to know about all the teams, players, how they play, and their strategies. For example, Mumbai Indians have won five times and are crowned as the defending champions, followed by Chennai Super Kings, who won three times. Currently, they have eight teams competing in the ipl. 

Rajasthan and Hyderabad managed to grab the trophy one time each while Kolkata Knight Riders held it twice. You need to know about the game-changing players in detail. Knowing about the way of playing of top players will increase your chances of winning the Indian premier league betting. Learning the skill set of players like Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Suresh Raina, Shikhar Dhawan, and more is essential.

Betting Type Selection

There are plenty of bet types to select from, but only a few of them are suitable for beginners. Experts usually go for matched bets. Firstly, you have Moneyline betting, where one needs to bet on the winner of the game. These are easier and good for beginners.

Secondly, the bets where you bet regarding the number of wickets a team loses or gains in a game is known as handicaps bet. For example, simply predicting the Royals will be defeated by Chennai won’t fetch you much money. But if you predict Chennai will defeat the Royals by four wickets it can bring you more money. Parlays are further difficult. One wrong prediction can result in a huge loss. Props and Totals are other types of betting options.

Claiming Free Bonuses And Bets

For maximizing profit and minimizing India premier league odds, you can easily take the help of bonuses. Loyal and new players often get free bets and fair bonuses from many cricket betting sites. 

New players get an ample amount of Bonuses and gifts. They can get a free bet where they can keep the profit, but the stake is not returned. You can also get a full hundred percent off on the first ten thousand rupees. But make sure to read all the terms and conditions of the bonus carefully. It would help you identify all the best bonuses and all odds in Indian premier league. 

Never Mix Your Emotions

The essential rule of betting is not to mix your emotions. It should be professional where you analyze the facts and stats in detail. You can have a favorite club or team, but betting this point can lead to your loss.

Many Accounts And Arbitrage

Having many accounts in a single book can get you in trouble, but you can have accounts in the different sportsbooks. This will allow you to pay less, lose less and make huge profits on the winners. With multiple accounts, you can go for arbitrage. In such bets, no matter what the result is, you bet on all outcomes of an event at all odds. It guarantees a profit.

Reading Correct Books

Reading books can never turn you into a pro overnight. They will not even show you a proper process of dominating cricket betting. But these books will show you various case studies which you can use in your betting strategies. These are dense books, so take time and read thoroughly.

The three books that I would recommend are Sharp Sports Betting by Stanford Wong, Weighing odds in sports betting by King Yao, and Conquering risks by Elihu Feustel. 


With the above points, you should have a clear idea of parimatch ipl betting. But none of these can turn you into a pro in betting. It’s only your own experience and strategies about analyzing bookies, players, data that will lead you to maximize profits.