Top 5 Agriculture Stocks in India: Should You Invest?

Top 5 Agriculture Stocks in India: Should You Invest?

India’s Agriculture sector is super important for the country’s growth. According to Inc42, the country’s agriculture sector is set to hit a whopping US$24.1 billion, investing in agriculture stocks is a golden opportunity.

With more people in India, the demand for food is rising, making agriculture stocks even more exciting. The government’s supportive initiatives, subsidies, and improved infrastructure further enhance the sector’s potential.

Join us as we explore the top 5 agriculture stocks to invest in the stock market, unlocking the doors to a fruitful investment journey.

1. PI Industries Ltd

PI Industries Ltd is a company that focuses on solutions for farming. It started in 1946 under a different name but later became PI Industries Ltd.

The company does a lot of important things like research, making chemicals for farming, and selling them. They have different products for protecting crops from things like bugs, diseases, and weeds.

As of January 2024 2023, PI Industries Ltd is a big company with a value of about Rs 568.81 billion. The company is not only prominent in India but also exports its products to various countries worldwide. PI Industries is dedicated to sustainability and responsible business practices, making it a noteworthy option for investment in the agriculture sector.

  • PI Industries stock price: Rs. 3,400+ (As of January 2024)
  • Market cap.: Rs. 52,442 Cr

2. Coromandel International Limited

Coromandel International Limited is an Indian company that makes fertilizers, special nutrients, and bio-pesticides to help crops grow better. It was started by IMC, Chevron Companies, and EID Parry in the 1960s.

The company has 750 stores and a team of over 1000 advisors who work with three million farmers in India.

Coromandel is a big player in agriculture, focusing on making products, using innovation and technology, and connecting with farmers. As of January 2024 2023, the company is valued at Rs 334.15 billion.

  • Coromandel International stock price: Rs. 1,100+ (As of January 2024)
  • Market cap.: Rs. 34,292 Cr

3. Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation Limited

Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation Limited, part of the Wadia Group since 1913, is a company that’s been around for 150 years. They have tea plantations in South India covering a large area and produce eight million kilograms of tea each year.

Additionally, the company has coffee plantations in Coorg, spanning about 4,105 square kilometers. As of January 2024 2023, the company is valued at Rs 100.69 billion and is one of the oldest companies, operating since before India gained independence.

  • Bombay Burmah Trading stock price: Rs. 1,600+ (As of January 2024)
  • Market cap.: Rs. 10,973 Cr

4. Bayer Crop Science

Bayer Crop Science is a part of a big company called Bayer AG, and it’s really good at making helpful stuff for farmers in India. They make things like stuff to protect plants from diseases, weeds, and bugs. They also have products that help seeds grow better and make plants healthier.

Bayer Crop Science became even stronger in the market by buying another company called Monsanto India Limited. This means they now have even more resources to make better products for farmers.

  • Bayer Crop Science stock price: Rs. 5,800+ (As of January 2024)
  • Bayer Crop Science market cap.: Rs. 26,761 Cr

5. Bharat Rasayan

Bharat Rasayan, established in 1989, makes ingredients for pesticides. They create materials used to make pesticides that help farmers protect their crops.

The company understands the importance of improving agricultural methods. They not only produce advanced chemicals for farming but also provide solutions like irrigation, storage, and cold facilities to support farmers better.

Considering their focus on enhancing agriculture, investing in Bharat Rasayan stocks could be a good idea.

  • Bharat Rasayan stock price: Rs. 9,100+ (As of January 2024)
  • Market cap.: Rs 3,794 Cr


Investing in agriculture stocks offers promising opportunities for growth and stability. Focusing on top performers like mentioned above can potentially yield fruitful returns.

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