TheWizardliz Net Worth 2024 – How Big is the Tiktok Star?

TheWizardliz Net Worth

Social media has changed lives, LITERALLY. Not only does it connect people and is a source of entertainment, but social media platforms like Tiktok, Instagram, and YouTube have also become a money-making machine for content creators.

Among all the names, TheWizardliz is an emerging Tiktok star that has gained a lot of fame and popularity to her name. She is known for her trending videos and is known for her lip-syncing videos, etc. on varying social media platforms.

In this guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about TheWizardliz, her early life, and the kind of career she has established for herself.

Quick Facts

Full Name
Lize Dzjabrailova
Birth Date January 01, 1999
Age 25
Country of Origin Russia
Profession Social media personality
Marital Status Unknown
Parent’s Name Unknown
Social Media Accounts: Instagram
Net Worth (as of 2024) $500,000
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2024

Early Life

Lize Dzjabrailova aka TheWizardliz was born on January 01, 1999, in the United States. She was born into a family of Christian faith and a well-settled family as well.

When looking at information about her life and her childhood, we couldn’t find which state she was born in, which is quite disappointing. However, what we do know is that Lize is quite close to her parents and her family in general. You can often see her parents in the passing in a few of her videos.

Lize completed her school education by attending a local high school where she lived. But, soon after completing her school education, Lize decided to not attend college and instead shifted her focus on her career on social media.

Growing up, Lize always loved being in front of the camera, which is one of the reasons, why she also participated in school plays at school. She loved exploring the creative side of things and wasn’t the most gifted academically. 

Personal Life

Lize has mentioned time and time that she likes to stay in her private cocoon, which is one of the primary reasons why she doesn’t discuss anything about her personal life, especially her dating life. Lize prefers keeping that side of her life out of the media to avoid unnecessary speculations. At present, Lize appears to be single and thriving.



Soon after completing high school, Lize shifted her focus to creating content because she knew her passioned lied in that. She wanted to venture into this as a full-time career and with hard work and consistency; she has managed to achieve that for herself.

Lize started her content creation journey on YouTube and Instagram initially because that’s where people were creating their content before.

However, her career completely changed when she started posting on Tiktok. Given the breakthrough that Tiktok was going through, it isn’t surprising that things changed for her and some of her videos went viral soon after.

The virality factor of the videos brought in thousands and millions of fans to her profile, who followed her on the platform. Soon after, Lize started taking content over on Tiktok more seriously and posted more frequently.

The traction that Lize got on Tiktok further helped her escalate her social media presence across other platforms like Instagram and YouTube. It isn’t even surprising that she managed to acquire millions of views across all her social media platforms combined.

Her exposure on Tiktok and other socials helped her network with people in the entertainment industry, helping her land amazing opportunities and experiences that she had always dreamt of. 

Net Worth

Lize has acquired an impressive net worth of $500,000, in a short period. Her primary source of income is through Tiktok and the brand endorsements that she gets due to the platform. She also earns a good amount of money from her YouTube channel and her Instagram account as well, further adding to her overall wealth.


1. What does wizard Liz do for a living?

Wizard Liz is a popular YouTuber and social media personality who has grown her fanbase with her quirky, informative, and fun videos.

2. Is the wizard Liz Russian?

For those that didn’t know, The Wizard Liz’s real name is laizjubrailuva. She was born in Chechnya, a republic in southwestern Russia. But, she was raised in Antwerp, where he family relocated to after her birth.

3. Why is the wizard Liz famous?

If you don’t follow The Wizard Liz, her videos are unique and she primarily posts videos on mental health, self-development, and spiritual content as well.