The Who Was Show Season 2 – When Is the Grand Return?

The Who Was Show Season 2

Would you have believed if we said that there is a history show that combines comedic genius and history in one? Well, The Who Was Show manages to bring that to the fans and somehow everyone is way more ecstatic than you’d think.

The Who Was Show, is gearing up for another season packed with historical hijinks and laugh-out-loud moments. With how much of a success the first season was, it isn’t even a question that a second season was overdue.

If you have been looking forward to more information about The Who Was Show Season 2 and its release date, we will highlight them all in this guide.

When is The Who Was Show Season 2 Releasing?

There is no official release date yet, which means that we’d have to wait for some time to get the news about the eventual release.

To be fair, there were initial rumors that the sequel might not be happening after all, which led to people believing in the fact that their beloved show would be floored for good by Netflix. Even with just a single season, the show has gained a dedicated fanbase, who even signed petitions to persuade Netflix to renew the show and bring back their favorite characters.

Despite all of that, there has been no information about the second season’s release yet. To be fair, the first season was released in 2018, so it makes sense that the fans are worried about the eventual renewal of the show.

What can we expect from The Who Was Show Season 2?

Season 1 offered a whirlwind tour of history, introducing us to a diverse cast of historical personalities. Season 2 could delve deeper into specific figures, allowing us to explore their lives and achievements in greater detail. Imagine witnessing Cleopatra’s cunning political maneuvers or Galileo’s struggle against the Inquisition, all through the lens of the show’s signature comedic absurdity.

The first season’s highlight was the clash between Julius Caesar and Bruce Lee, proving that historical figures can have epic, albeit ridiculous, throwdowns. Season 2 could up the ante by introducing even more unlikely pairings. Perhaps we’ll see Joan of Arc teaming up with Amelia Earhart for a sky-high adventure, or Abraham Lincoln facing off against Shakespeare in a rap battle for the ages.

Season 2 can continue this winning formula, with new earworms about historical events and interactive quizzes that test your knowledge while you chuckle.

Who is returning to The Who Was Show Season 2?

When The Who Was Show Season 2 ends up happening, we’d be able to witness all our favorite characters return, including:

  • Lilla Crawford
  • H. Jon Benjamin
  • Andy Daly
  • The ensemble cast including the dynamic duo of Bentley Green and Haley Tju and Kirrilee Berger and Adam Hochstetter


The Who Was Show Season 2 is a highly anticipated show, which makes sense because people are so attuned to wanting more news about the show’s return. Netflix has not revealed any insights regarding the show yet, which is quite disappointing.


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