The Prince Season 2 – Has HBO Max Cancelled the Show?

The Prince Season 2

One of the worst things about watching a new series is witnessing it getting canceled out of the blue. That’s exactly what happened with HBO Max’s The Prince. The show premiered in 2021 and despite the allure of the animated show, it was canceled.

The network and the showrunners have not shed much light on the reasons behind the cancellation, besides citing that it doesn’t make economic sense to renew the show for a sequel. The explanation has left a lot of the fans upset.

We will discuss all the information that we have about The Prince Season 2, its release date, and chances of a return in the future.

When is The Prince Season 2 Releasing?

As we mentioned in the introduction, HBO Max canceled the show after the first season, which left a lot of the fans upset about the sudden cancellation.

Some of the fans were hopeful that they would get to witness their favorite animated characters return on the show but unfortunately, it isn’t likely going to happen, which has come as a huge disappointment for everyone.

Given that it was an HBO Max exclusive, none of the fans expected the show to be canceled so suddenly and just after the first season. It has undoubtedly come as a surprise to most of the fans, who were hopeful about the show’s renewal down the line.

Also, some fans were expecting a different network to pick up the show but that doesn’t seem like a possibility too.

What can we expect from The Prince Season 2?

While HBO Max may have tragically cut “The Prince” short after its debut season, let’s indulge in a thought experiment: what if a glorious Season 2 graced our screens?

Season 1 ended with the audience getting a glimpse into the life of Prince George and how he made his family’s life chaotic and in the best way possible. The second season could have explored the story from a different standpoint and even given us a glimpse into the fun and humor involved.

In short, we could have witnessed new characters enter in the second season but all of these are mere theories right now.

Who is returning to The Prince Season 2?

If The Prince were to be renewed for a second season, we could have expected the return of all the favorite characters and voice artists, including:

  • Gary Janetti as Prince George 
  • Sophie Turner as Princess Charlotte 
  • Orlando Bloom as Prince Harry 
  • Condola Rashad as Meghan Markle 
  • Lucy Punch as Kate Middleton 
  • Frances de la Tour as Queen Elizabeth II 
  • Iwan Rheon as Prince William


The Prince Season 2 could have explored more of the story arc and the life of the British Royal Family. However, the cancellation has wiped away all the hopes that the fans had in the first place. To be fair, it did come out of the blue, so the disappointment from the fans is 100% justified.


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