The Price Is Right Season 52 – What Will the New Season Unfold?

The Price Is Right Season 52

Hold onto your shopping carts, game show fans! “The Price is Right,” America’s longest-running game show, returns for its 52nd season, brimming with excitement, iconic pricing games, and of course, the chance to hear that beloved call: “Come on down!”

Given that the show has 51 seasons under its belt until now is an explanation in itself as to how popular the show is. So, with so much happening, it makes sense that the fans are hopeful that Season 52 will return quickly.

If you are wondering about the release date of The Price is Right Season 52, we have all the relevant details in this guide.

When is The Price is Right Season 52 Releasing?

Before you get worried that a new season will most likely not happen anytime soon, we have some good news.

Season 52 premiered on Thursday, February 1st, 2024, on CBS, so you can rest easy knowing that the new season isn’t a farfetched dream. Season 52 episodes are already a big hit among the viewers who have been dedicatedly watching the show from the beginning.

So, clear your schedule, grab some snacks, and get ready to be transported to the world of outrageous bids, spinning wheels, and that infectious “Price is Right” spirit.

What can we expect from The Price is Right Season 52?

Season 52 promises to be a season of surprises. Expect to see a revamped set with vibrant colors and modern touches, while still retaining the show’s iconic charm. The classic pricing games like Plinko, Cliff Hangers, and Showcase Showdown will be back, alongside some exciting new games that will test the contestants’ pricing skills and keep viewers guessing. 

Additionally, the season will feature special themed weeks celebrating iconic brands, pop culture phenomena, and even viewer-submitted ideas. 

But the biggest prize? The chance to win big! Season 52 boasts even more lucrative prizes than ever before, including dream vacations, luxury cars, high-tech gadgets, and even life-changing cash prizes. So, tune in and see if your wildest price guesses come true!

If you aren’t even aware of what the show is about and what is in store for you, we’d recommend that you focus on catching up with the first 51 seasons. This is where things are going to work around for you, so we’d suggest that you at least watch a few seasons that have been released in the past. This should allow you to understand the premise of the show and then catch up with what’s next in line.

Who is returning to The Price is Right Season 52?

It is quite difficult to plan out how things would be in Season 52 and the cast that would return. What we can be assured of is the fact that the main cast, including Rachel Reynolds, George Gray, and the band will be making a return. It would be quite interesting to see how things pan out and which new characters are introduced in the new season down the line.


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