The Most Common Mistakes in Betting


Modern bookmakers spend a lot of resources on attracting customers, including expanding the audience at the expense of newcomers. Company websites provide betting tutorials, betting rules, and essential advice to avoid the most common mistakes. Next, let’s look at what exactly prevents bettors from succeeding and what methods should be used to avoid falling into the trap.

  1. Misunderstanding the concept of betting value

Players need to understand that the value of a bet is not to find a strong team in the lineup and bet on its victory at favourable odds. To be successful in betting, it is crucial to learn how to “read” betting odds, rely on your estimate of probability, convert it into odds and find differences with the bookmakers’ predictions. 

An assumption exists that good gamblers don’t lose. In reality, they win a bit more than lose. Successful bettors use the information correctly, compare statistical data and form a more accurate prediction than the bookmakers.

  1. Wrong choice of a bookmaker operator

Countless bookmaker offices provide their services to players. As in any field of activity, companies take different approaches to betting, and many claims to be the best. Despite the oversupply of offers, choosing the best resource is not so difficult. It is enough to analyze a few selected options to see that some bookmakers present more than others.

Many bookmakers bribe players with free bets and bonuses. However, bettors should understand that high margins will outweigh generous offers. Many bookmakers lure customers with expensive loyalty programs and various marketing campaigns. But by offering free bets, bookmakers narrow the limits. Therefore, when choosing a bookmaker, the player should not be guided by multiple options. It is essential to pay attention to the completeness of the line, event bets, set limits, and withdrawal rules. Specialized resources such as “Bookmaker Ratings” provide reviews of gambling operators, including “Get’s Bet”. Read the current rules, the registration procedure, and current bonus offers on the page

  1. Inept bankroll management

Only by having an advantage over the bookmaker, players can make a profit from betting. By advantage, we mean the awareness of the latest news, changes in weather conditions, or other events that can directly or indirectly affect the game’s outcome.

However, regardless of the level of news exclusivity, any advantage will come to nought if bettors mismanage their money. Mismanagement of bankroll will result in no cash left in the account for betting.

  1. Excessive worrying about losses

Avoiding losses in betting is impossible. It is essential to step away from stereotypes and accept this fact. Skilled players lose less often and use a betting method that does not lose their entire bankroll.

Randomness in sports is not uncommon, as well as the fact of luck. Therefore, sometimes even the most sophisticated betting models do not guarantee success. Avoiding losses at all costs is a common inaccurate belief that does not apply to rational judgment.

  1. Ignoring cognitive biases

Each of us is convinced that we are in control of our thoughts and actions. However, one cannot deny the existence of biases, which often influence decision-making. Hence, we believe that the bet is right, even if the proof of the opposite exists.

Another common bias is focalism. It is the tendency to rely on the initial bit of data given. One should not forget that data can change in short bursts of time.

A shortage of objective thinking and logical reasoning leads to incorrect betting decisions. In such a case, the players’ choice is based on opinion, not on critical thinking. Hardly anyone can control cognitive biases, but it is not a disadvantage. The foremost detail is not to be hesitant to accept it.

  1. Making “convenient” bets

The advent of mobile applications for betting and the ability to do online betting allows you to use betting services at any time. However, it would be best not to chase “convenient” betting because the selected match is on TV or the gambling operator has increased the odds. It is important to remain disciplined to achieve long-term success rather than chasing short-term profits.