The Moon Carl Net Worth – Everything We Know About Carl Runefelt

The Moon Carl Net Worth

It’s not every day that you come across a young self-made billionaire, who has reached their peak of fame due to cryptocurrency investments. One name that deserves a mention in that niche is Carl Runefelt or “The Moon Carl”.

Carl is a billionaire investor, entrepreneur, and social media influencer, whose primary source of income and fame comes from his cryptocurrency investments.

Given how quickly Carl has become a billionaire, it is safe to say that people are often intrigued about his net worth and how he got to where he is today.

Early Life

Carl Runefelt was born on September 05, 1994, in Stockholm, Sweden. Although there isn’t much information about Carl’s early childhood, what we know is that he dropped out of his University in Sweden.

During that time, Carl was working at a local grocery store as a clerk and later moved to Dubai. Although he didn’t have a college degree or any business experience, Carl was pretty set on his goals and wanted to make something of himself.


Carl Runefelt’s net worth is all due to the investments he has made, especially in the cryptocurrency scene.

Reports suggest that he invests the maximum of this income into cryptocurrencies, especially in Bitcoin. He has been actively investing in this field for the last five years. With consistent hard work, research, and keeping up with the trends, Carl successfully turned his life around.

What sets him apart from other entrepreneurs and investors is his carefree nature, where he keeps on investing in cryptocurrencies without worrying about how things would pan out in the future. However, with how well he has managed to keep up with his investments, it isn’t surprising that his success wouldn’t stop anytime soon.

The main reason why Carl is known as the “Moon Carl” is because of the predictions and forecasts he shares with his audience in the cryptocurrency scene.

Besides investing in Bitcoin, Carl has also shared a very optimistic view on cryptocurrency, which is fairly new and different compared to the other investors in the crypto niche. Coming to the entrepreneurial side, Carl owns two firms on the side. He has also founded the cryptocurrency token called Kast.

Furthermore, Carl also has a pretty steady social media following, especially on Twitter and Instagram. He has over 250,000 followers on Instagram, which serves as an additional source of income for him.

Personal Life

Despite being a billionaire and the fame, he has acquired, Carl doesn’t air much information about his personal life. So, it isn’t surprising that there isn’t much information about Carl’s dating life on the internet. He hasn’t shared any information about his past or present relationships with the public.

Net worth

Carl Runefelt has an estimated net worth of $1.1 billion. His primary source of income comes from his cryptocurrency investments and the firms that he runs. Since he is a social media influencer, that’s another source he promotes brands and earns a pretty good income from it.