The Cook of Castamar Season 2 – Everything We Know So Far

The Cook of Castamar Season 2

Period-typical drama series are fun to watch and they are sure to keep you hooked from the start till the end. Among the available options, The Cook of Castamar is one of those underrated Spanish series that not many know about.

Following the successful run of the first season, the fanbase has been awaiting further updates regarding the show’s sequel. The first season premiered in 2021 and was received well by the audience, so it’s a given that people want a second season.

This article will explore more about The Cook of Castamar Season 2, its release date, and a potential cast list.

When is The Cook of Castamar Season 2 Releasing?

With the first season released and wrapped up in 2021, the fans were expecting that the second season would be released in 2023. However, the possibility of that happening seems quite bleak since its already October 2023.

Since the show is a book adaptation and there are limited resources to work with, there are possibilities that the show’s future can go either way.

They could either decide to bring back the show with the original cast and with a more profound plot or they could end up cancelling the show. The possibilities are endless but we’d have to wait for things to unfold in the future.

Until then, we’d recommend you keep your hopes up, especially because Netflix has not outright canceled the show.

What to expect from The Cook of Castamar Season 2?

If you have yet to watch the first season of the show, we’d recommend you do that without fail. The ending of the first season happened with Clara and Diego finally confessing their love for each other.

However, despite their blossoming love and confession, we can’t deny the fact that their love is forbidden, especially because Diego is married to someone else. So, in the second season, we will most like see Clara and Diego navigating their feelings and the challenges that come with it.

In addition to the romantic drama between Clara and Diego, the second season is also expected to feature more political intrigue and courtly drama. Since the first season ended with a cliffhanger it would be interesting to see how the plot progresses in the next season.

Who is returning to The Cook of Castamar Season 2?

If The Cook of Castamar returns with a second season, we can hope the following cast to return:

  • Michelle Jenner as Clara Belmonte

Michelle Jenner

  • Roberto Enríquez as Diego de Castamar

Roberto Enríquez

  • Hugo Silva as Enrique de Arcona

Hugo Silva

  • María Hervás as Amelia Castro 

María Hervás


  • Fiorella Faltoyano as Doña Mercedes

Fiorella Faltoyano

  • Jean Cruz [es] as Gabriel de Castamar

Jean Cruz

  • Paula Usero as Elisa Costa

Paula Usero


The Cook of Castamar Season 2 will be an interesting watch, which is why millions of people are awaiting more news about its release. Since Netflix hasn’t renewed the show yet, it looks like we’d have to wait to see how things unfold in the next season.


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