The Best Manga reading sites you must visit as a newbie!

The Best Manga reading sites

Best Manga reading sites

Finding a good manga reading site takes a lot of time and energy, especially for a newbie. Listed below are the top manga reading sites you should never miss!

Top 7 Manga Sites for Newbies

Manga is a Japanese comic novel that features characters designed uniquely. Manga is enjoyed by almost every Japanese. It is extremely popular due to its art style that includes every genre imaginable. For the past several decades, their prominence in the West has grown. The manga industry is vast, with several series outselling even comic book giants like Spiderman. Manga has influenced artists from all around the world. Some countries have superhero comics influenced by manga that they created their category.

Manga can be read in books and online. As the popularity of online manga sites continues, many more websites are made to offer a convenient and friendly experience to manga enthusiasts. Due to this, people new to reading manga have a tough time finding a reliable go-to site. Below are the Top 7 online manga reading sites you must try if you’re a newbie.

Top 7 Online Manga Reading Site

1. Mangago


Mangago is an online manga reading site where users can read their choice of manga for free. They currently have millions of mangas to choose from, from different categories. They do not require users to signup for an account or pay a subscription fee. Their site has a small number of ads. Their site is designed to be simple and easy to use. Mangago allows readers to browse across 200+ authors, including well-known names such as Shogakukan and Kodansha. Many people use it due to the user experience they offer. They contain the latest mangas and classic mangas known around the world.

2. Viz


Viz is a manga online manga reading site that provides users a brief preview of each of their comics, and large portions of manga are found on Viz’s Shonen Jump collection.  This electronic library allows you to read several chapters of outstanding manga series for free. Although, some chapters on Shonen Jump are “restricted,” which indicates you’ll have to spend $2 per month to have rights to all existing and future chapters.

3. Mangadex


Mangadex is another website that provides free access to a wide variety of Manga series. Mangdex does not display advertisements. It has a vast selection of comics that cover practically all of the Manga categories. The main feature of Mangadex is its unique discussion area, where you can select to debate series theories or a single chapter. You may also bookmark or save your next watch. To use premium services like community boards and following, you must join the platform. The options feature allows you to alter the theme and the language of the interface also the chapters.

4. MangaPanda


It is a manga site with a wide range of content. It receives 40% of its traffic from the United States. Furthermore, you do not need to sign up to the site to view the material. The disadvantage is that it contains advertisements and has a complicated home page.


It is a site that contains a variety of manga with homoerotic themes. There are several forms of homoerotics. The two most common of which are Yaoi and Bara. Yaoi is a female-drawn manga, whereas Bara is a male-drawn manga. The major distinction between these mangas is how the characters are drawn and a few other subtle differences. This manga website’s unique feature is its user-friendly interface, which is also quite efficient. The theme is likewise dark, and the range of pieces on display is remarkable. The mangaowl can be converted to English however if you don’t know what anime phrases mean, you could have trouble with the tags.

6. Comico


The Comico website is an online manga reading site where you can create an account, and you’re free to browse mangas you want to read. Although their site is entirely in Japanese, if you are not fluent in the language, you might struggle to read manga on this site.



BATO is another manga reading website with an entirely different graphical interface. It is an open-source website where you can also publish your original content to help improve the library. The current mangas on this website can be viewed by selecting the Latest button.

8. mangakakalot

Mangakakalot is a Manga reading platform that allows its readers to read different manga online for free.

9. Manganato

Manganato – Read Manga Online Free. Manganato is a website that allows you to read manga online.

There are many more famous manga sites you can find on the web, but these are the sites that I loved as a newbie. I recommend these sites for those who like to have a convenient browsing experience.