Taboo Season 2: What Do We Know So Far About the Show?

Taboo Season 2

Getting to witness Tom Hardy as James Delaney on Taboo was potentially the best thing that happened in 2017. While the network promised a season renewal soon after, it has been six years and the fans are pretty bummed about the lack of a release date.

That said, it looks like things are falling into place because we finally have a promising update from the show’s producers regarding Taboo Season 2. The creator of the show, Steven Knight has promised fans that the second season will witness Delaney engaging in more adventures.

This article will take you on a ride through everything we know about Taboo Season 2 so far.

When is Taboo Season 2 Releasing?

Taboo Season 2 has been a long time in time. With the first installment of the show being released in 2017, the fans are desperate for a new season now.

According to the rumors, the second season will most likely be released in 2024 but we don’t have a confirmation regarding the release date yet.

Besides the ongoing WGA protests and Hardy’s conflicting schedules, there have been several factors consistently contributing to the show’s delay. But, it looks like the wait is finally going to be over soon.

What is the Expected Plot of Taboo Season 2?

If you have yet to watch the first season, proceed with caution because we have a few spoilers ahead.

The first season of Taboo concludes with James and his allies setting sail toward the U.S. Following the completion of Taboo Season 1, Steven Knight (the show’s creator) hinted that the second season will introduce explosive elements.

There are rumors and insights from Steven, which depict that the second season might take the adventure toward the west and involve interactions with narcotics. But, we won’t know anything for sure until the show officially airs.

Also, the second season will highlight more about the US spy network ‘Colonnade,’ which will be an even more interesting aspect to watch unfold. Many of the viewers are even speculating whether or not real-life events will influence what happens in the show’s second season.

There are possibilities that the second season will witness James exploring and uncovering more insights regarding his ancestry and heritage when he connects with a Native American tribe during his conquests. 

In short, we are about to witness an extrapolation of the mysteries that didn’t cut in the first season.

Who will Return to Taboo Season 2?

While we are pretty sure Tom Hardy is returning in the second season, the rest of the cast remains a mystery at this point. 

That said, the following are the actors that are most likely going to return in Taboo Season 2.

  • Jessie Buckley

Jessie Buckley

  • Mark Gatiss

Mark Gatiss

  • Stephen Graham

Stephen Graham

  • David Hayman

David Hayman

  • Edward Hogg

Edward Hogg

  • Jason Watkins

Jason Watkins

  • Nicholas Woodeson

Nicholas Woodeson

We don’t have much idea about the supporting cast that might make a comeback in the second season yet. But some of the recurring actors on the show, including Scroobius Pip, Tom Hollander, Roger Ashton Griffiths, Marina Hands, etc. will also return to the show.

That said, some of the main cast that was killed in the first season, including Oona Chaplin, Jefferson Hall, Leo Bill, Michael Kelly, etc. will most likely not return on the show.


Taboo Season 2 is hands down one of the most awaited shows and if you have been wondering about its release date, it looks like the time is nearby. Although we don’t have a confirmed release date yet, there are solid confirmations that the new season will be released in 2024, so buckle up for the ride!