Is the Rumor About SZA Dating Bill Nye a Reality or It’s Just a Pass on News?

Is the Rumor About SZA Dating Bill Nye a Reality or It’s Just a Pass on News?

If you have been vibing to the song, “I might kill my ex, Not the best idea…” you probably know who SZA is and the kind of fame she has gained in the music industry. Although SZA has gained immense fame, thanks to Tiktok and other social media platforms that skyrocketed her singles, not many aren’t even aware of her real name.

SZA’s real name is Solána Imani Rowe and she is a globally celebrated singer and songwriter. While the singer often makes the headlines for her catchy songs, this time around, things seem a tad bit different. 

The American singer has been recently rumored to be dating Bill Nye, who is a famous American mechanical engineer. We know Bill as the science guy but following the popularity of the song, Kill Bill by SZA, people have been speculating whether the singer has been dating the science guy all along.

We bring all the fresh hot tea and the accessory information that you probably missed out on, in this article.

Who is SZA?

Before we get into their rumored dating history, we must sort out the introductions first. SZA, whose birth name is Solána Imani Rowe, is a famous American singer and songwriter. Although she has started gaining massive traction recently following the release of her song, Kill Bill, SZA has been in the industry for quite some time now.

Before the breakthrough with her latest album, SZA collaborated with leading singers and rappers, including Nicki Minaj and Beyonce. She released her debut album in 2017, which gained global recognition and even made it to #3 in the R&B album chart.

Who is Bill Nye?

Coming to Bill Nye is a famous American mechanical engineer and science communicator, who has also worked as a TV host in a variety of science shows. He gained widespread recognition being the host of the show, “Bill Nye the Science Man.”

During the initial days of his engineering career, Bill Nye created the hydraulic resonance suppressor tube, which is a quintessential part of jetliners in today’s date. However, despite the kind of stance he built in his science career initially, he decided to pivot.

Is SZA Dating Bill Nye?

Following the release of the trending song, Kill Bill by SZA, people and media outlets have consistently reported on one thing – the possibility of SZA dating Bill Nye.

If we had to believe the internet and the dating allegations that have surfaced, it looks like the two have been dating for 8+ months now. But, how many of these rumors are true?

To burst everyone’s bubble, the dating rumors are 100% false. There is no base to these rumors and it looks like they started without any verification. They rose because of the song and people associating it with Bill Nye.

One of the main reasons it is just an allegation and false rumor is because Bill Nye is currently happily married to his wife, Lisa Mundy. The couple married last year and have been pretty public about their relationship.

Where Did the Rumors Start From?

Most people believe that the rumors started with SZA releasing her superhit song, Kill Bill. However, there’s a lot behind the seeding of the rumor.

SZA posted an Instagram post with the caption, “I miss Bill Nye, I miss when people were polite, I miss my mind going blank, lol.” This led to the audience and even the media starting to speculate on a potential relationship between the two.

Right after that Instagram post, SZA released her song, Kill Bill, further igniting the rumors that she might have been dating the science guy all along. However, we have come to know that there is no basis for these rumors.

Who is Bill Nye Married to?

As we said just before this, Bill Nye is happily married to his wife, Liza Mundy, who is a renowned author and journalist. She has penned down a few bestselling books, which led to them meeting each other and falling in love.

They have claimed in multiple interviews that their love for storytelling was what fuelled their romance. After being acquainted for some time, the two got married last year in June 2022. 

This isn’t the first time that SZA has been falsely linked with someone. Before Bill Nye, rumors suggested that she was dating the famous singer and songwriter, Drake. But, there are no verifications for those claims too.


If you came here to know if SZA and Bill Nye are dating, the answer is that they aren’t. These were falsely fabricated rumors with no truth to them. While it started with a harmless Instagram caption, things soon escalated on the internet, even though Bill Nye is a happily married man.