Stunning Steve Harrington Wallpapers Free Download – Every Stranger Things Fan Should Have

Steve Harrington Wallpapers

Netflix is a hub of various web series and amidst them; Stranger Things is a name everyone is familiar with. Ever since the first season, the show has managed to take off and is one of the most-watched web series on the platform.

If you are a Stranger Things fan, chances are that you love Joe Keery’s character, Steve Harrington. Although his character didn’t pique the interest of the audience in the first few episodes, the writers managed to turn things around in Season 2.

Given the kind of popularity that Steve’s character has among the audience, it isn’t surprising that fans are often looking for stunning HD wallpapers showcasing the beautiful Steve on their smartphone and PC.

This article will explore more about that and how you can get your hands on the best ones here.

Top Steve Harrington Wallpapers

Steve Harrington Wallpapers

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Why is Steve Harrington such a popular character?

Steve’s character development in the show is immaculate. While people didn’t like him that much in Season 1, especially in the beginning episodes, his compassionate and empathetic side outdid the Casanova and playboy sides quickly enough.

Steve’s character shone through in Season 2 and later in Season 3 when he was later joined by Robin, a character played by Maya Hawkes.

The duo added a light-hearted touch to the show, which the audience related to. But what took the cake was Steve’s bonding with Dustin in Season 3.

Where can I find Steve Harrington’s Wallpaper online?

If you don’t want any hassle when it comes to downloading the Steve Harrington wallpapers, we’d recommend exploring Google.

You can enter relevant keywords or even episode-specific keywords to find wallpapers made for them. This is a convenience you won’t get on other platforms. Also, with Google, you get access to a diverse range of wallpapers, which is always a benefit.

Furthermore, for your convenience, we have assorted some of the best Steve Harrington wallpapers in this article too that you can refer to.

What should I consider when downloading Steve Harrington wallpapers?

Irrespective of what kind of wallpapers you are downloading, there are certain factors worth looking into.

  • Ensure that the wallpapers you are downloading are from the source and without any watermark slapped across.
  • Ensure that the wallpaper you are downloading is in HD quality so it doesn’t distort when you apply it on the home screen or lock screen of your smartphone or PC.
  • Ensure that you look for unique wallpapers instead of generic ones if you want your device to look premium.

Also, avoid downloading directly from Google since they don’t always come with the best-resolution wallpaper.


1. Who should use Steve Harrington’s wallpapers?

Anyone who is a fan of Steve Harrington can use his wallpapers on their device. You can use any of his images as wallpaper on your phone or desktop. The good thing is that you can download these images for free.

2. Can I get Steve Harrington’s wallpapers on social media?

The best place to look at Steve Harrington’s wallpapers is Google. However, you can also get his images on social media. Many fan pages share Steve Harrington’s pictures regularly. You can download some of those images and use them as your wallpaper.

3. What is the point of using Steve Harrington wallpapers?

Fans use Steve Harrington wallpapers to show their love and appreciation towards the actor. If you like his character in Stranger Things, then you might also want to use his images as your device’s wallpaper.

4. Can I share Steve Harrington’s wallpapers online?

You can share Steve Harrington’s wallpapers on any social platform you like. Many fans will collect his images and share them online so others can download them too. You can also open a fan page to post your collection of Steve Harrington images.


That’s all you need to know about finding and downloading Steve Harrington wallpapers from the internet. If you are a big fan of the character and Joe Keery in general, we hope this article helps you find the best wallpapers in no time at all. Keep the reminders in check when downloading the wallpapers though.