Sprung Season 2 – When Is It Returning on Amazon FreeVee?

Sprung Season 2

Comedy drama series are not that frequent today’s date because most fans engage in thrillers, crime, and drama series. However, if you are on the lookout for a show that’s fun and light-hearted, Sprung Season 2 is probably one of the best options.

Created by Greg Garcia, the show premiered on Amazon Freevee in August 2022 to rave reviews from critics and audiences alike. If you want to get a bit of a premise, it follows a group of low-level offenders who get an early release from prison.

This article will take you through all the details about Sprung Season 2, its release date, and what you can expect from it.

When is Sprung Season 2 Releasing?

Since the first season of the show premiered in August 2022, it is safe to assume that the second season isn’t releasing anytime soon.

There are a lot of speculations surrounding the official release date and whether or not it has been renewed yet and the answer to both of that is no. Although we don’t have any official release date yet, there are possibilities that the sequel could be released in 2024.

What’s great about the whole ordeal is that the creators have confirmed that the sequel is happening. So, if you were panicking and wondering why the return seems like a highly unlikely possibility, that isn’t the case at all.

The creators have confirmed that they are excited to see how things will unfold in the new season.

What can we expect from Sprung Season 2?

Season 2 of Sprung is sure to be just as hilarious and heartwarming as the first season. The show’s creators have said that they want to explore the characters’ relationships in more depth and give them more opportunities to grow and change. 

They have also said that they want to continue to explore the themes of second chances and redemption.

However, that’s all that we know as of now. There happen to be a lot of paths that the creators might take with the show’s plot and progress. So, it would be interesting to see how things unfold in the future.

There are several ways that the creators are planning to progress with the show’s plot, so that’s another factor we’d have to wait to see.

Who is returning to Sprung Season 2?

All of the main cast members from Season 1 will be returning in the sequel as well, including:

  • Garret Dillahunt

Garret Dillahunt

  • Shakira Barrera

Shakira Barrera

  • Phillip Garcia

Phillip Garcia

  • Clare Gillies

Clare Gillies

  • James Earl

James Earl

  • Martha Plimpton

Martha Plimpton

There are also rumors that some new cast members will be joining the show for Season 2. However, until the creators release the official trailer and release date, we do not know for sure.


Sprung Season 2 is going to pack in a lot of hilarious punchlines and funny anecdotes that will be interesting to watch. If you were awaiting more information about the release of the sequel, we unfortunately don’t have any official news from the creators or the network, so it’s a waiting game at this point.


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