Snow Tha Product Net Worth 2024: How Rich Is The Rapper?

Snow Tha Product Net Worth

Snow Tha Product is an American rapper and singer. She is a well-known personality in the music industry.

She rose to fame after signing a deal with Atlantic Records in 2012. However, she didn’t start her independent career before 2018. Her popularity spread with the mixtape “Good Nights & Bad Mornings 2: The Hangover.” She is also famous for the album “VIBEHIGHER.” Her latest launch “Valemadre” was in 2022.

As of 2024, Snow Tha Product’s net worth is estimated at $4 million.

Quick Facts

Full NameClaudia Alexandra Madriz Meza
Birth DateJune 24, 1987
Country of OriginMexico
ProfessionRapper, Singer
Social Media Accounts:Facebook
Net Worth (as of 2024)$4 million
Last Updated:May 16, 2024

Family and Early Life

Snow Tha Product’s real name is Claudia Alexandra Madri Meza. But professionally she is known by her stage name.

She was born on June 24, 1987, in San Jose, California. She comes from a Mexican family. She has a younger brother named, Miguel Angel Madriz Meza.

It was her grandfather who first exposed and taught her about mariachi music. By the age of 6, she started performing in school talent shows.

After relocating to San Diego, she developed an interest in hip-hop music. Around this time, she started freestyling.

Personal Life

Snow Tha Product was married to Andrew Feliciano. She was 19 years old at the time of marriage. They share a baby. However, the couple is no longer together.

Soon after the divorce, she started dating Julisa Aponte. The two got engaged in 2019.

Snow Tha Product

Education Background

Talking about Snow Tha Product’s educational background, she completed her high school graduation from Mar Vista High School. Later she took admitted to Mira Mesa Senior High School.

She learned about social work at her college, San Diego Mesa College. She dropped out of college in the first semester to pursue a career in rapping.


Snow Tha Product began her professional career after dropping out of college. In the early days of her career, she recorded many Mexican songs. Later she got the opportunity to work with a well–known Mexican artist Jaime Kohen. The collaboration between the two resulted in the song, Alguien.

She released her first compilation album “Verbal Assault Vol.1” in 2007. She also dropped a Thai album with the label Product Entertainment LLC.

In 2011, she launched her debut studio album “Unorthodox,” which received a pretty good response from the audience.

From 2012-2018, she worked with Atlantic Records. After that, she decided to start her independent career.

She gained a massive audience since the time she entered the industry. She was also nominated for Latin Grammy Awards in the Best Rap/Hip-Hop Song category.

Earnings and Net Worth

Snow Tha Product’s net worth in 2024 is roughly $4 million. Her major source of income comes from her album and record sales. She is currently one of the prominent rappers in the industry.

She has been rapping for over a decade and has secured a good position in the industry. She has worked with some of the top record labels and artists.

Her net worth has been increasing steadily every year and it is expected to grow more in the future.


1. Who is Snow Tha Products’ ex-husband?

In a past interview, Snow The Product revealed that she was initially married at the age of 19 and she even has a son from that marriage, named Andrew Feliciano Jr.

2. Is Snow Tha Product an independent artist?

Snow The Product has time and time confirmed that she is an independent artist and prefers keeping things that way. She wants to become a role model for females across the world and wants to have full control over her records.

3. How many fans does Snow Tha Product have?

With 3.2 million monthly streams, Snow Tha Product is one of the most popular Latin singers and has over 8 million followers across all her socials.

4. How did Snow Tha Product start her professional career?

Snow Tha Product dropped out of college to pursue a career as a rapper. She started her journey by recording Mexican songs. Later, she got the opportunity to work with Jaime Kohen, a popular Mexican artist.

5. Who did Snow Tha Product collaborate with?

Snow Tha Product collaborated with Jaime Kohen. He is a famous Mexican artist who created the song “Alguien” with Snow Tha Product.

6. When did Snow Tha Product release her first compilation album?

Snow Tha Product dropped her debut compilation album “Verbal Assault Vol.1” in 2007.

7. What was Snow Tha Product’s debut studio album, and when was it launched?

Snow Tha Product’s debut studio album was titled “Unorthodox.” It was launched in 2011 and became quite a hit among audience.

8. What is Snow Tha Product’s net worth as of 2024?

Snow Tha Product’s current net worth is $4 million. The majority of her wealth comes from her album and record sales.