Sinister 3 – Is There a Chance of a Comeback?

Sinister 3

Horror movies are not everyone’s cup of tea but if you are a fan of one, chances are that you know about the Sinister franchise. The first installment of the movie was released in 2012 and since then, it has created a craze among the audience.

With its unique storyline and picturization, it didn’t take Sinister a lot of time to become a huge success and it gained around $87.7 million at the box office on a global scale, making it one of the most popular horror movies of the year.

Following the release of Sinister 2, the fans were awaiting more insights about Sinister 3 but it looks like a distant dream at this point.

When is Sinister 3 Releasing?

If you have been hopeful about the release of Sinister 3, even after all the news surrounding it, we have to put a stop to your expectations right now. Sinister 3 is not happening.

The producer of the franchise, Jason Blum has reported clearly that Sinister 3 isn’t happening. Although Blum hasn’t confirmed an accurate reason behind the decision, it looks like the same could be due to the poor performance of Sinister 2 compared to the first one.

Sinister 2 acquired around $52 million in ticket sales, which seems like a lot for the $10 million investment that went into making the movie. However, the drop in popularity was what drove Blum to back out from making a third film. Maybe because he thought it would become repetitive.

The second film also received a lot of negative reviews from the audience and critics who mentioned that it lacked originality and the scares were not even that good, which was a fair bit disappointing.

What can we expect from Sinister 3?

Well, since Sinister 3 isn’t happening and has been scraped already, there’s no point expecting anything from it.

That said, the Sinister franchise doesn’t follow the same storyline, meaning that the first and the second installments of the movies didn’t have any correlation between them. So, if Sinister 3 were to happen, we could have expected a completely new plot to be introduced as well.

However, since Blumhouse Production has confirmed that a new installment of the movie isn’t happening, there’s no point speculating an imaginary plot. It is quite disappointing that they decided to shelve the movie though.

Who is returning to Sinister 3?

Since Sinister 3 is not a possibility anymore, we can’t speculate who would have returned on the third installment of the movie.

However, there are chances that it would have been a completely new cast since that’s what happened in the sequel as well.


Sinister 3 had a lot of potential and could have been the biggest comeback for Blum but he decided that he didn’t want to produce films that were similar in genre and storyline. Given that he went on to create even more movies after that, it goes without saying that the loss of Sinister 3 was not as hard-hitting.


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