Schitts Creek Season 7 – Is the Franchise Returning with a New Season?

Schitts Creek Season 7

Sometimes, we need access to some good shows that are evergreen and Schitts Creek happens to be one of them. It is unlike any of the other series you will come across, especially with its right balance of humor, drama, and an engaging storyline.

Following the success of the first six seasons of the franchise, it isn’t surprising that the viewers are now excited to unfold more information about the seventh season. Is it returning? Will the cast remain the same?

All of these questions and more are answered in this article in detail. The only thing we’d recommend you do is read between the lines.

When is Schitts Creek Season 7 Releasing?

Don’t let disappointment fill you up but reports suggest that Season 6 was the end of the show. Even the story’s writers and producers have confirmed that they wrote the entire show with six seasons in mind, which is why they provided each character with the closure they needed in the sixth season.

During an interview, the father-son duo Eugene and Daniel Levy, who are the show’s creators said that they currently don’t have anything going on regarding the series. However, they hinted that they would love to bring that cast together and think about ways to prolong the show.

Even Eugene didn’t sign off on the possibility of a spin-off show or even a movie based on the show. Whether or not it’s happening for sure remains a mystery.

However, as of now, it is safe to assume that nothing is going to happen with Schitts Creek Season 7 since the creators are going to close this chapter for good with the first six seasons. Although it is disheartening, you still have six seasons at your disposal to binge-watch at any point.

What is the Expected Plot of Schitts Creek Season 7?

Because Season 6 concluded the franchise and no further new seasons are on the card, there’s no point knowing what would have happened if Season 7 were to happen.

But, if we had to assume or make up a potential plot that we could have expected in the new season, there were chances that Alexis might have embarked on a new adventure or we could have witnessed David and Patrick’s journey into becoming parents.

There were a lot of potential plots that the writers could have explored, especially showcasing the “epilogue” style of things, highlighting how things finally start looking up for the Rose family. They indeed ended Season 6 with all the closure that the characters and the audience needed. 

However, it still leaves us open to a whole lot of possibilities that the writers will most likely never get to explore in the future now that there are no chances of the show returning with a new season.

Who is Returning to Schitts Creek Season 7?

Season 6 was the end of Schitts Creek, so there won’t be any cast roundup anymore. However, if we had to guess, it is a given that all the OG cast would have returned, including Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara, Dan Levy, Annie Murphy, Jennifer Robertson, Emily Hampshire, Chris Elliott, Dustin Milligan, etc.

  • Eugene Levy

Eugene Levy

  • Catherine O’Hara

Catherine O’Hara

  • Dan Levy

Dan Levy

  • Annie Murphy

Annie Murphy

  • Jennifer Robertson

Jennifer Robertson

  • Emily Hampshire

Emily Hampshire

  • Chris Elliott

  • Dustin Milligan

Dustin Milligan

But, since Season 7 isn’t on the cards anymore, none of this cast will be returning in the future on the show.


Schitts Creek has its run and while the audience has been awaiting further news about the release of Season 7, the creators have confirmed that’s not happening anymore. Albeit disappointing, we have to realize that the show ended on good notes for all the characters.


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