Savannah Sixx Net Worth – Knowing the True Wealth of the Adult Entertainment Fame

Savannah Sixx Net Worth

If you are an avid viewer of adult entertainment videos, the genre “step-siblings” is one that many viewers watch but shy away from accepting. One of the leading names that represent that genre of videos is Savannah Sixx.

Savannah is an emerging actress in the industry and she has started gaining a lot of traction over the years of her being in the industry. Over the years, she has acquired fame appearing as the “step-sister” in the majority of these AV videos.

We have scoured the internet for all the information about Savannah Sixx, her career, and her life growing up.

Quick Facts

Full Name
Savannah Sixx
Birth Date June 22, 1999
Age 24
Country of Origin USA
Profession Adult film actress
Marital Status Unknown
Parent’s Name Unknown
Social Media Accounts: Instagram
Net Worth (as of 2024) $800,000
Last Updated: Feb 23, 2024

Early Life

Savannah Sixx was born on June 22, 1999, in Los Angeles, California. She was born to a well-settled Caucasian family and she grew up in a white predominant neighborhood.

Growing up, Savannah was a chirpy and friendly girl and loved engaging with people she crossed paths with. She is also quite close to her family but there’s no public information about them and the kind of career they have.

When looking up information about Savannah’s early life and childhood, we couldn’t find much about her siblings or the kind of relationship she has or had with them. Savannah has clarified a few times that she prefers keeping information about her family out of the media to respect their privacy.

Especially with the kind of career she has, Savannah doesn’t want her family to be subject to any kind of judgment or criticism.

With the little information we could find about Savannah’s education, it is best believed that she acquired her school education from a local high school. There are rumors that she enrolled in a college but dropped out in the middle.

Personal Life

Much like her early life, Savannah prefers keeping her personal life out of social media as well. The main reason why she doesn’t share anything about her private life is due to the career she has chosen for herself. She prefers keeping her dating life to herself.

Savannah Sixx


Not finding much interest in college and higher education, Savannah wanted to give a try in the modeling and acting industry. But, given the level of competition in the industry, it took her some time to land some good deals initially.

Savannah started with a few modeling gigs, which were a great start to her career in the entertainment industry. However, she wanted more fame and exposure. This is when her agent introduced her to the AV industry and she auditioned and landed her debut role with a leading production.

Soon after the release of the debut video, Savannah knew that she would be able to scale her career in this industry, which is exactly what she did. With her first video gaining millions of videos, she started working with other leading production in the AV industry, namely Mile High, Digital Sin, Family Strokes, etc.

Owing to her versatile acting and her personality, Savannah has been time and time nominated for several AVN awards. She has a decent following on her socials, including Twitter and Instagram. The initial traction in her career comes from her social media presence too.

Whether or not Savannah has an OnlyFans account of her own remains a mystery but there won’t be a surprise if she does.

Net Worth

Savannah Sixx has an estimated net worth of $800,000, which is quite impressive when you come to think of it. She has been in the industry for a little over 2 years and she has managed to acquire quite a lot of fame and her net worth reflects that too.


1. How popular is Savannah Sixx on Instagram?

Savannah has a dedicated fanbase on Instagram, especially with her having close to 170,000 followers on the platform. Her posts average close to 10,000+ likes as well.

2. Does Savannah Sixx live in the U.S.?

Savannah was born in Los Angeles, California, and has spent the entirety of her life in the state. Even after gaining fame in the AV industry, she lives in LA.

3. Has Savannah Sixx won any awards?

Although Savannah has not bagged any awards for her videos, she has been nominated at the AVN awards, which is probably one of the biggest award opportunities for adult entertainers.