Saints And Sinners Season 7 – Release Date, What to Expect and Plot

Saints And Sinners Season 7

As the first six seasons of Saints and Sinners took the audience into the world of Greater Hope Baptist Church, the fans are now curious to know what happens next. The first six seasons were pretty successful and it looks like the fans are going to be disappointed.

According to the reports, the creators and the network have confirmed that the show has concluded after Season 6. So, if you were hoping for the show to be renewed for Season 7, it is likely not happening.

To make things more comprehensive and understandable, we have clarified all the details about Saints and Sinners Season 7 in this guide.

When is Saints and Sinners Season 7 Releasing?

If you have been waiting for news about Saints and Sinners Season 7, we’d recommend not to get your hopes up. The creators have confirmed that the show has come to an end after Season 6.

Despite the dedicated fanbase that has been waiting for more news about the show’s renewal, the creators have confirmed that the show will not be continuing in the future. This has come off as a surprise but the good thing is that the sixth season has at least provided all the characters with the closure that they should have gotten.

That still doesn’t mean that the fans aren’t hopeful that things will change and that the creators would change their minds enough to revive the show in the future.

What can we expect from Saints and Sinners Season 7?

Season six ended with a dramatic cliffhanger, leaving fans gasping for air. Expect the fallout to be messy, with long-held secrets spilling like baptismal water. New alliances will be forged, old wounds will reopen, and the battle for the soul of Greater Hope will reach a fever pitch. 

Remember the simmering tension between the righteous Pastor Mike and the seductive Lady Di? Buckle up, because their power struggle is about to erupt like a holy volcano. And what about the fallout from the shocking paternity revelation that rocked the Carter family? Well, all of these could have happened if the showrunners decided to bring back the show for Season 7.

However, since we have the confirmation that Season 7 of Saints and Sinners isn’t happening, there’s no point being hopeful about something that’s most likely not happening.

Who is returning on Saints and Sinner Season 7?

Season 6 marked the end of Saints and Sinners. So, there’s no point estimating a cast that’s most likely not returning. That said, if the show were to return, the main cast would be making a comeback, including:

  • Clifton Powell as Rex Fisher
  • Vanessa Bell Calloway as Lady Ella Johnson
  • Jasmine Burke as Dr. Christie Johnson
  • J.D. Williams as Jabari Morris
  • Dawn Halfkenny as Angela Parks, etc.


Saints and Sinners Season 7 is unlikely to happen. However, we’d recommend that you still keep your hopes up since anything can happen in the future. If things change and the creators decide to bring the show back, be assured that we’d be here to update you about the same.


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