Rose Monroe Net Worth 2024 – More about the Venezuelan AV Star

Rose Monroe Net Worth

More and more names are being added to the adult entertainment industry and Rose Monroe is a name that has been making the rounds on the internet recently. Known for her versatility on camera and her sensuous appearance, Rose has achieved a global fanbase to her name.

The diversity in her career is astounding, especially because Rose has appeared in not just films but a variety of magazine shoots and covers too. She has a dedicated following on her social media accounts as well.

If you are curious to unfold more insights about Rose Monroe and her life growing up and her venture into this career field, this article will explore it all.

Quick Facts

Full Name
Rose Monroe
Birth Date October 14, 1989
Age 34
Country of Origin Venezuela
Profession Adult film actress
Marital Status Unknown
Parent’s Name Unknown
Social Media Accounts: Instagram
Net Worth (as of 2024) $180,000
Last Updated: Feb 20, 2024

Early Life

Rose Monroe was born on October 14, 1989, in Maracaibo, Venezuela in a middle-class family where her parents worked hard to make ends meet. Rose spent the majority of her childhood in Venezuela but the family later decided to relocate to the United States for the better future of their children.

When looking for information about Rose’s parents and what they do, there’s nothing much we could find online, which was quite a downside. That said, we did end up finding that Rose’s father works as an individual contractor and is a businessman. 

While rumors suggest that Rose has siblings, there are no clarifications about who they are or what they are up to in their lives.

Since Rose spent a good amount of her childhood growing up in Venezuela, she completed her school education there. After relocating to the U.S., we don’t have any confirmation about whether or not she finished her higher education there.

Personal Life

Given that Rose’s professional life is so vulnerable and open, she prefers keeping her personal life out of the public. Not just to protect her privacy, she does so to protect the privacy of her family and her relationships too. There’s no way of knowing if she is dating someone or not.

Rose Monroe


Owing to her attractive appearance and personality and her love for performing arts, Rose knew that she wanted to make a career for herself in the entertainment industry. However, with how competitive the industry is, it isn’t surprising that she had a hard time finding her footing in the industry.

Initially, Rose started with small modeling gigs. The main objective behind that was to meet more people in the industry and get her name out there. As she ventured into her 20s, Rose acquired a decent name in the entertainment industry and her agent connected her to the AV industry.

One of her first videos that became viral was the one she shot with Bang Bros. Owing to the popularity of the production, her video was soon watched by millions of people and she acquired a dedicated fanbase.

From there, Rose started working with more productions and appeared in films like Lattin Rampage and Tug Job. These are some of the most popular videos of her career. She has worked alongside other famous AV stars like Bruce Venture, Brick Danger, etc.

According to the estimates, Rose has appeared in 250+ adult films to date. That aside, Rose also has a dedicated following across her social media and even runs her OnlyFans account.

Net Worth

Rose Monroe has acquired an estimated net worth of $180,000, which she has earned through her AV videos and her social media following. Her OnlyFans popularity and recurring subscription also add up to the monthly income she earns, further increasing her net worth at a rapid rate. She also endorses brands and products on her socials.


1. Is Rose Monroe famous on X?

Rose has over half a million followers on X, which makes it safe to assume that she is quite famous on the platform. She primarily uses the platform to bring more audience to her videos and OnlyFans.

2. Does Rose Monroe have an OF account?

The answer to that is yes. Rose is one of the most popular creators on OnlyFans and earns millions from the platform on an annual basis.

3. What kind of videos does Rose Monroe shoot?

Rose is primarily known for shooting bold and sexual scenes that involve solo events and even with other partners on screen.