Rosalyn Sphinx Net Worth – Breaking Down the Wealth and Career Success of the American Model

Rosalyn Sphinx Net Worth

How often do you indulge in adult entertainment videos? If you answered, “Quite often,” chances are that you know who Rosalyn Sphinx is and the kind of fame she has gained in the field of adult entertainment industry.

Recognized for her charming smile and sweet personality, Rosalyn is quite versatile on camera and has portrayed a variety of roles as an adult film actress. She has also acquired steady popularity in the social media scene.

If you are curious to know more about Rosalyn Sphinx and want to break down further insights about her and her growing fame, we have all the insights lined up for you.

Quick Facts

Full Name
Rosalyn Sphinx
Birth Date July 19, 1999
Age 24
Country of Origin USA
Profession Adult film actress
Marital Status Single
Parent’s Name Unknown
Social Media Accounts: Instagram
Net Worth (as of 2024) $150,000
Last Updated: Feb 15, 2024

Early Life

Rosalyn Sphinx was born on July 19, 1999, in St. Louis, Missouri in the United States. Right from a young age, Rosalyn had a life surrounded by a lot of love and support from her friends and family.

Reports suggest that Rosalyn grew up following Christianity since that’s what her parents followed as well. There is no public information about Rosalyn’s siblings and whether or not she has any. 

Both her parents are hard-working individuals whose main focus is to ensure that Rosalyn has all the necessities that she needs in her life. And, even Rosalyn appreciated the efforts her parents put into her upbringing, ensuring that she gave back all her love and appreciation to them.

Growing up, Rosalyn was a bright student and gave it her all to excel in her studies. However, it is also true that Rosalyn’s true passion was in exploring her creative outlets, especially concerning doing plays, singing, and exploring similar hobbies.

Owing to her current profession, Rosalyn prefers keeping information about her personal life out of the media, which is why we don’t have a lot of information about her family.

Personal Life

When breaking down information about Rosalyn’s personal life, there’s unfortunately nothing to unfold. With how open and judged her career is, it makes sense that Rosalyn prefers keeping her personal life to herself instead of dishing things out in the open. She appears to be single at the moment.

Rosalyn Sphinx


Rosalyn’s career trajectory has been unique, especially because she ventured into the adult entertainment industry by chance.

Initially, Rosalyn wanted to venture into the entertainment industry after completing her school education. She graduated from a local high school and took up a few odd jobs to gain experience and some money on the side. 

However, Rosalyn knew that she was meant for something bigger and wanted to pay close attention to that. This is when she started appearing for model castings and ended up acquiring some amazing opportunities to model for known brands.

The more recognition Rosalyn gained in that field, the easier it became for her to network with producers and creators in the field. That’s where she met one of the debut producers in the adult film industry that she worked in.

Following that, she ended up appearing in more videos, gaining a widespread fanbase to her name. She is known for her versatility on camera, something that has helped her gain more opportunities in the field. Rosalyn also runs her OnlyFans account and is quite popular on social media too.

Net Worth

Rosalyn Sphinx has acquired an impressive net worth of $150,000, which makes sense because she hasn’t been in the industry for long. Besides earning from her adult film videos, Rosalyn also earns a dedicated income through her OnlyFans account and her other social media platforms, endorsing brands and products.


1. Does Rosalyn Sphinx do Adult Movies?

If you have only seen Rosalyn on social media and wondering if she does adult entertainment videos, the answer is yes. She does them and she reportedly has an OnlyFans account as well.

2. Does Rosalyn do sponsored posts?

Rosalyn has around 180,000 followers on Instagram and she has a Twitter account as well, which explains why she collaborates with brands quite often to promote their products.

3. Is Rosalyn dating anyone?

Rosalyn hasn’t publicly acknowledged her dating life, which is one of the reasons why we can’t say for sure if she is dating someone or not.