Robozuna Season 3 – Has Netflix Renewed the Show?

Robozuna Season 3

Finding technical and robot-related shows online isn’t too much of a reach at this point. The genre has gained a lot of traction, so it makes sense that people are quite happy to indulge in them in real time and Robozuna is one of those shows on Netflix that deserve a shoutout.

After two adrenaline-pumping seasons, the animated series packed with robot gladiatorial combat is gearing up for another round of intense competition and heart-pounding battles.

If you are eagerly waiting for the release of Robozuna Season 3 and have been wondering when it’s releasing, you have come to the right place.

When is Robozuna Season 3 Releasing?

Netflix seems to be delaying the renewal of Robozuna Season 3. So, if you have been wondering what’s next about the show, it looks like there aren’t any confirmed insights about the show just yet.

We’d have to wait to see when Netflix confirms a return of the show. Some of the rumors and speculations suggest that the show will most likely be released in the mid or late 2024s, so it is all a waiting game at this point.

So, while you are sitting there wondering for information about the confirmed date and waiting for it, it is time that you sit back and catch up with the first two seasons. 

What can we expect from Robozuna Season 3?

Season 3 promises to build upon the epic storylines established in previous seasons. We can expect even more intense clashes between the Freebot Fighters led by the courageous Ariston and Mangle, and the nefarious forces led by the tyrannical Queen Danuvia and her elite Robozuna champions.

Overall, all we can do is speculate what’s next in the show’s future. We might delve further into the secrets and history of Latium, uncovering hidden truths about the crystal energy that fuels the world and the origins of the Robo Guardians.

With the ever-evolving world of Robozuna, we can anticipate even more powerful robotic designs and advancements, leading to even more spectacular and unpredictable battles. Also, Season 3 is likely to give us a deeper look into the motivations and inner struggles of both the heroes and villains, adding emotional depth to the action-packed narrative.

Until Netflix renews the show and a trailer is released, there’s no way to know what’s next in the show.

Who is returning to Robozuna Season 3?

If Robozuna is renewed for Season 3, we can expect all our OG cast members to make a return, including:

  • Taylor Clarke-Hill as Ariston 
  • Tom Clarke-Hill as Mangle 
  • Luke Howard as Drubber 
  • Ali-A as Clunk 
  • Danny John-Jules as Niven and Spark 
  • Morwenna Banks as Danuvia

Whether or not new characters will be added to the cast in the future remains a mystery, so we’d have to wait to see what’s next.


A lot is set to happen when Robozuna Season 3 is released. If you are wondering about the fate of the show and also things that you can expect with the show’s renewal, it looks like the wait will be slightly more extended.


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