Ripley Season 2 – What are the Chances of Return?

Ripley Season 2

Netflix’s gripping portrayal of Patricia Highsmith’s iconic character, Tom Ripley allured the audience, capturing their attention from the get-go. Right from the release of the first season, there has been nothing but chatter surrounding the show.

With how well the first season performed in terms of viewership, it isn’t surprising that the fans are now hoping for more insights about the show’s next season. The main objective is to unfurl details about what the show has in store.

If you are curious to get a closer look at Ripley Season 2 and its eventual release date, we have all the relevant information lined up for you.

When is Ripley Season 2 Releasing?

We have not heard from Netflix regarding the renewal of Ripley yet, which is quite disappointing. The series was initially developed as a limited series, suggesting a self-contained story arc. However, the success of limited series like “Big Little Lies” and “The White Lotus” transitioning to additional seasons demonstrates Netflix’s flexibility. 

There have been positive hints from the creative team. Writer and director Steven Zaillian expressed interest in exploring further stories, citing the wealth of material available in Highsmith’s five novels featuring Tom Ripley.  

While the first season drew elements from all five books, it primarily followed the plot of “The Talented Mr. Ripley” (1955). This leaves ample room for future seasons to delve into Ripley’s descent into a life of crime and the psychological complexities that drive him.

What can we expect from Ripley Season 2?

If season 2 does get greenlit, the narrative possibilities are intriguing. “Ripley” drew elements from all five of Highsmith’s novels, but its core storyline followed “The Talented Mr. Ripley.” Season 2 could delve deeper into the subsequent novels, exploring Tom’s evolution as a seasoned conman and murderer. This could involve exploring his life in Europe, his elaborate schemes in “Ripley Under Ground” and “Ripley’s Game,” or his encounters with new characters like Peter the Sleaze and Meredith in “The Boy Who Followed Ripley” and “Ripley Under Water.”

The first season established Tom’s manipulative nature and capacity for violence. Season 2 could introduce a new moral dilemma that challenges Tom’s established patterns. Perhaps he encounters someone who can see through his facade, forcing him to adapt his tactics. This could lead to a more complex and unpredictable narrative.

Tom’s actions in season 1 had significant psychological consequences. A potential season 2 could explore the lasting impact of his crimes on his mental state. Is he haunted by his past? Does he experience regret or remorse? 

This introspective angle could add depth to Tom’s character.

Season 1 primarily took place in Italy. To reflect Tom’s nomadic lifestyle, season 2 could introduce new settings across Europe or even beyond. We’d have to wait to see how things unfold.

Who is returning to Ripley Season 2?

When the show is ready to return, we can expect the entire main cast to return. This would include:

  • Andrew Scott
  • Dakota Fanning
  • Johnny Flynn
  • Margherita Buy
  • Vittorio Viviani
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