Rick Ness Net Worth – How Much Is the Gold Rush Miner Worth?

Rick Ness Net Worth

Rick Ness is a popular American reality television star and musician, who is best known for his appearance on the famous TV show, Gold Rush. The show, which debuted in 2010, on Discovery channel has brought fame and popularity to a variety of amazing people.

Although Rick kicked off his career in the music industry, creating songs and playing them, he left that career behind with hopes to attain better success in gold mining. 

With the television fame and the kind of lifestyle that Rick leads, people are curious to know more about his net worth. This article will explore more on that in detail.

Quick Facts

Full Name Rick Ness
Birth Date March 05, 1981
Age 42
Country of Origin USA
Nationality American
Profession Reality Television Star and Musician
Marital Status Engaged
Parent’s Name Unknown
Girlfriend Leese Marie
Social Media Accounts: Facebook
Net Worth (as of 2024) $3 million
Last Updated: Jan 26, 2024

Early life

Rick Ness was born on March 05, 1981, and is a twin to his brother Randy. They are fraternal twins and very close. Rich was born in Michigan, where he grew up surrounded by his family. His father ran a construction company.

As far as his schooling goes, Rick acquired his high school education from Escanaba Area High School and was an active sports player in the school. He even played in the school’s football team and had dreams of playing on a professional level.

Following an injury to his head, Rick had to move with his mother to Milwaukee where he started to pursue his passion in music. During this period, he was playing bass in a local band named .357 String Band. They did gain intermediate success and even went on a world tour.

Personal life

Rick Ness has been in a relationship with Leese Marie and the couple got engaged in 2022 after Rick proposed to her on her birthday. Marie is also part of Gold Rush and appeared in Season 12 and is set to appear in Season 13 too.

Rick Ness


After leaving his music career behind, Rick got into mining without having any former plans surrounding the same. That’s where he met Peter Schnabel and they soon hit it off. Around nine months later, Peter gave Rick a call, asking him to join his crew on Gold Rush and that’s when he appeared in the third season of the show.

Rick had a very quirky and fun personality, which was one of the reasons why he was a fan favorite. Seeing the kind of work that Rick was putting in, Peter later promoted him to become a foreman and put him in charge of another operation at the Indian River.

However, Rick’s promotion didn’t fare well. He reportedly ended up hiring four workers without cross-checking with Peter, costing him a lot of money in the process. That’s when Rick left Peter’s crew. Later, in season 9, Rick returned to the show with his crew of miners.

Net Worth

Rick Ness, as of 2024, has an estimated net worth of $3 million. This is a rough guess and not an actual representation of his actual net worth since there’s no way of knowing it.

Rumors suggest that Rick was getting paid around $25,000 per episode on Gold Rush, which significantly boosted his net worth.


1. What happened with Rick Ness on Gold Rush?

Rick Ness, who is one of the most popular members of Gold Rush, had to step back from the show because he said that the stress from the show got to him. He didn’t want to worsen the situation and decided to take a step back.

2. Is Rick Ness returning to the Gold Rush?

There were rumors that Rick Ness would return on a comeback mission in the Season 14 of Gold Rush, which has left the fans excited.

3. Is Rick Ness married?

Last we heart, Rick was engaged to Leese Marie, and the two were destined to be married sometime in the future.