Riches Season 2 – Is Amazon Prime Video Bringing the Show Back?

Riches Season 2

Did you watch “How to get away with murder?” and liked the work the director did? If yes, the same director has released another show on Amazon Prime titled Riches and the audience can’t seem to get enough of it.

If you have yet to watch the first season, let us give you a bit of background. The series follows the compelling tale of a family of travelers who assume the identities of a wealthy family. As they navigate through their situations, a lot of things come to the forefront.

With how the creators ended the first season on a cliffhanger, it isn’t surprising that the audience is now curious to know about Riches Season 2 and when it’s returning.

When is Riches Season 2 Releasing?

Despite the kind of popularity and viewership the first season brought in, Amazon Prime Video has yet to renew the show for a new season.

We don’t know if the show will be renewed or canceled but with Amazon Prime being silent on the topic of a cancellation, there are chances that they will return with a new season sometime in the future.

The audience didn’t engage with the show so closely only to end up witnessing the show being cancelled. That’s probably the last thing that anyone wants to be honest. But, we also can’t deny the fact that there is a lot of uncertainty at this point.

What to expect from Riches Season 2?

If a second season does materialize, it is likely to delve deeper into the complex relationships between the Malloys and the Richards family. 

The show’s first season left several unresolved conflicts and unanswered questions, which could provide the basis for new storylines. 

We can also expect to see more of the Malloys’ traveler heritage and culture. The show’s first season only scratched the surface of this fascinating world, and a second season could provide a more in-depth exploration of their traditions and beliefs.

As we mentioned, the creators ended the first season on a cliffhanger, so if you want to enjoy the second season, it is a given that you’d have to watch the episodes of the first season without fail. Ideally, you want to ensure that you don’t miss out on any of the key takeaways from the episodes.

Some loopholes in the middle won’t make sense until they release the show’s sequel.

Who is returning to Riches Season 2?

If Amazon Prime brings back Riches for a second season, we can expect the following cast members to return:

  • Deborah Ayoade as Nina Richards
  • Emmanuel Imani as Simon Richards

Emmanuel Imani

  • Sarah Niles as Ruby Richards

Sarah Niles

  • Aki Omoshayin as Gus Richards

Aki Omoshayin

  • CJ Findley as Leo Richards
  • Brendan Coyle as Stephen Richards

Brendan Coyle


Riches Season 2 has a 90% chance of returning, which has left the fans excited for what’s to come. But, we can’t brush aside the fact that there is a 10% chance that the show might be benched by Amazon Prime. Well, all we can do is hope that it doesn’t.


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