9 Best RARBG Alternatives — Websites That Still Work in 2024


RARBG is an extraordinary website that is supportive of many different languages including different regional languages too. This is the most remarkable aspect of this website. You can watch any content in any language you want invading Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Bhojpuri, etc. This is a very helpful feature for many users who are not so used to watching everything in English because of understanding problems. The subtitles of movies and TV series are also added in many different languages which make it easy for people to understand the content better. 

What is the site?


RARBG is one of the most reputed torrent websites which offers a very good platform to the users for watching movies and other types of video content. You can find both old and new movies on this platform. Though initially, this website offered only movies to watch, then it started to feature a wide range of content including web series, documentaries, and a lot more. You can get access to all the content for free without having to pay even a single penny. You can find content in many different languages on this website as it supports many languages. You can also watch any particular content with its subtitles in other languages which makes it easy for you to understand the concept better. 

Many people are not so familiar with watching everything in English and that’s the reason why people prefer using this site as it allows you to watch any content in your own desired language. The various languages in which you can watch content on this website are Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Bhojpuri, Punjabi, etc. You just need an active internet connection to use this website and it doesn’t charge any amount as a subscription charge like most of the OTT platforms. You can get unlimited access to all of its content free. You just need to visit the website using any browser that you use because since it is a pirated website; there can be times when it doesn’t open on Google Chrome. So, you can always use any other browser application to search for this website. 

Features of RARBG

RARBG is an excellent movie streaming website that is quite popular. It helps the users to watch or download their favourite movies without paying any charges for the same. This movie site proffers an implausible list of features that help to attract users to this site. A few of the exciting features of this website have been highlighted below for your reference. 

  • Latest movies

To begin with, you can enjoy watching all the latest movies, web series, and other shows on this platform. Interestingly, this site also offers those movies that have not been released. The content here is varied and hence has been divided into various categories so to make it easier for the users to find their favourite content. 

  • No ads

Well, there is possibly not even a single site these days that do not have advertisements. But, interesting is the fact that RARBG provides an advertisement-free experience to the users. There is not even a single ad that interrupts your activities or the downloading process. Since this site has removed all the ads, it has now become the favourite site of almost every movie freak. 

  • HD quality

In addition, the site provides the best quality of videos. Despite being a free site, it does not require the users to compromise on the quality of the videos. The high-definition videos make the entire experience all more noteworthy. So, if you wish to experience the best of service then, you can start downloading content from this site. 

  • No registration

Furthermore, the users will be able to enjoy the service without having to register or subscribe to this site. You can download or watch as many movies as you desire without having to worry about the limit for the same. There is no restriction on the number of shows or movies you could watch from this site. 

These were a few of the remarkable features that this site offers to the users. If you desire to know more about this site then, continue reading the post further. The next section will enlist a few of the significant categories that this site offers to the users. 

Categories offered on RARBG

One of the most vital reasons why people use this website over others is because it offers a very unique range of categories in which the content is classified based on different parameters like genre, language, print, size, etc. You must know about some of the categories offered on this website before using it so take a look below: 

  • Hollywood Movies 

You can find both old and new Hollywood movies in this category. 

  • Bollywood movies

Most recent Bollywood movies can be found in this category. 

  • Documentaries

Various kinds of documentaries can be browsed through in this category. 

  • Short films

Different short films in various languages are featured in this category. 

  • 1080p 

Under this category, you can find every content in very good print quality which is 1080p. 

How to download content from RARBG?

A very important reason why this website is very popular is that it makes it very easy for users to download content. Many users prefer downloading and watching the content rather than streaming it online. So, to download the content you can follow the steps mentioned below: 

  • The first step to follow is to open the browser on your device and input the name of the website as RARBG and click on the search option. 
  • Once the search is complete, you will find many search results appearing on the screen. Out of all, you need to select an option that will take you to the homepage of the website. 
  • Once you are directed to the homepage of the RARBG website, you will find the different categories appearing on the screen. You will also find a search bar. 
  • You can browse through the categories to check if you find your desired content in any one of the categories. If you don’t find your desired content in the categories offered on this website, you can use the search bar to search for your desired content manually. 
  • You will then get the search results for the content you want to stream or download. Besides your desired content, you will find both options for streaming and downloading individually.
  • As per your preference you can either choose to stream or download the movie or any other video content. 
  • If you want to stream online, you can click on stream. For downloading content, click on the download option. 
  • When you click on the download option, you will be offered many prints and you can make a selection as per your internet speed and space on the device. 
  • After making this selection, the download will start instantly. 
  • Once the download ends, you can save the file in your desired location on the device.

List of alternatives:

There can be times when you find that the RARBG website is not working smoothly. That is when you might need to look at the alternatives of this website. So, here are a few RARBG alternatives for you: 

  1. YTS
  2. ZOOQLE 
  3. 1337x
  4. 123movies 
  5. Lime Torrents 
  6. Tor lock
  7. Kickass torrents 
  8. The Pirate Bay 
  9. Moviespapa 
  10. Tamilrockers 

These are the top 10 alternatives of RARBG that you can choose to use when the former site is not working. 


1. Is RARBG safe to use?

RARBG is an illegal platform because it features pirated content and is considered a torrent website. Though a lot of users use these websites to stream and download movies it is not safe.

2. Are there more alternative sites to RARBG?

There are many other torrent websites which can be used as alternatives to the RARBG website. But, the ones mentioned above are the most sought-after alternatives of the RARBG website.

3. Is RARBG a legal website?

RARBG cannot be considered as a legal website at all because it features pirated content and it is strictly against the anti-piracy law in many countries. That is why it is blocked in many countries. 

4. How is the user interface of this website?

The user interface of this website is extremely simple and all the content is properly organized which makes it easy for the users to find their desired content. 

5. Does RARBG need a subscription to work?

The RARBG website is free to use and there is no subscription needed to access the content on this website. You can get complete access to all of its content for free without any restrictions. 


RARBG is a very well-known torrent website uses for watching and downloading different kinds of video content including movies, documentaries, tv-series, award shows, etc. This was everything that you must know about this website if you haven’t used it yet. Though it is not legal and safe it is used by a lot of users mainly because you can watch unlimited content on this website for free. But there are always a few risks associated with using this website hence it is always advised for you to use the legal alternatives of this website or use this website with the necessary precautions. 


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