Practical tips for online communication of newborn brands 


One of the most important phases, in the existence of a brand, is definitely the initial one, that period of one, two or three months in which the new company, in order to position itself correctly in its target market, must adopt all the content and communication stratagems to best express its personality, its brand essence, accustoming its audience from the very beginning to a certain tone, a certain style, and very precise content that expresses unequivocal values. 

Many brands make the unforgivable mistake of burning out before they even get started, indulging in clumsy and ungainly communication that has tremendous effects on the company’s reputation, and also contributes decisively to confusing the target audience with seemingly meaningless or structurally incorrect content. 

For these reasons – but also to avoid real crises that would require the involvement of figures specialized in crisis management -, new brands, even small ones, will have to pay the utmost attention to the content that will be published during the early stages of its existence, paying the utmost attention to the copy, images or videos proposed for publication, and adopting a tone of voice that knows how to prove consistent with the company’s values, mission and vision. 

An audience to educate 

It is not only a question of image, of reputation: in fact, companies must learn to educate their target audience with adequate and high-quality content, which knows how to express in a few lines (or with a few images) the core values of the company, the same ones that will then be re-proposed, always in a different form, in the following years, thus carrying on a homogeneous and coherent narrative that can represent one of the brand’s distinctive features, one of its main assets. 

But if this narrative begins with a misstep, that is, with the publication of content that is blatantly inadequate, crass, and has little to do with the essence of the company, the whole narrative (even years later) will inevitably be marred. 

One of the main mistakes to avoid is the one that has to do with the tone of voice of your content, which will have to be properly planned down to the smallest detail even before you start publishing, even before you have created the company’s social profiles: the tone, the style of your content will largely depend on the audience’s perception of brand essence, so it will have to be designed and managed with the greatest possible care. 

Another mistake to avoid is the one related to promises that cannot be kept: avoid exposing yourself in particularly sensitive, or divisive matters, if you do not think you will be able to hold this position for long, or if you think you will not know how to respond adequately to any criticism you may receive. This is often the case with all ethical issues, which in some cases have resulted in real gaffes that have risked permanently compromising a company’s reputation. 

A very similar argument applies to all multimedia content, whether photographs or images: if one of your strategic goals is to impress your audience with high-quality images, or particularly exciting corporate videos, you will also need to be able to repost this content with some regularity, while also avoiding posts of a completely opposite nature (especially at the beginning of the life of a social media page).

A golden rule 

The secret, for all new brands that are entering the world of social media for the first time, is to set an overall level of quality from the start that is slightly lower than what you set out to achieve, but still high enough to leave a good impression on your online readership. Over time, as you get closer to your set quality goal, your audience will surely feel the positive evolution of the brand, and they will be pleased. 

This strategy has also been successfully employed by a number of brands specializing in online gambling: since they have successfully completed the online transition, with a website and specific communication channels, the level of publications has continued to improve very steadily, with extreme regularity, offering exciting games and a rich selection of guides and reviews made by experts, as well as several sites where to play online blackjack in India. The overall level of the proposed experiences has been gradually increasing, coming up with extremely addictive games that seem to completely nullify the difference between physical and virtual casinos. 

The audience needs to be educated, intrigued, enticed and, above all, constantly entertained with good quality content.