What Is Potty Safe’s Net Worth After Shark Tank Pitch?

Potty Safe Net Worth

Potty Safe entered season 11 of Shark Tank. It is a child-proof potty training chair designed by Stacy and Colt Hall. They invented this innovative product after having their first baby.

Potty Safe is designed to prevent a child from removing the bowl and creating a mess. It is suitable for kids of both genders. It is packed with many useful features such as a splash guard, slip feet, and more.

This product is currently available on Amazon. The founder duo left the show with a deal from Lori Greiner. The estimated net worth of the company in 2023 is $2 million.

Quick Facts

Business details: Child-proof potty training chair
Founders name: Stacy and Colt Hall
Founded in: 2013
Location (Country): Missouri, US
Investment Asked by Company: $50,000 for 15% equity
Sharks on board (Investors): Lori Greiner
Accepted Deals: $50,000 for 20% equity
Shark Tank Episode: Season 11 Episode 22
Net Worth $2 million
Business Status: Active
Social Media Instagram
Last Updated: June 24, 2024

Who are the founders?

Potty Safe is designed by Colt and Stacy Hall. They are a couple from Missouri, US. Stacy holds an accounting degree from MSSU. There’s not much known about Colt. However, we do know that he worked as a welder before starting their business.

Due to a busy job schedule, Stacy was unable to spend more time with her daughter. This made her quit her corporate job and work as a manager at an office near her house.

How was Potty Safe established?

Stacy and Colt both struggled to potty train their daughter, who always made a mess in the restroom. This made the rookie parents look for a child-proof toilet. However, they could find none. This is what inspired them to design Potty Safe which would help parents to potty train their kids.

Colt designed a prototype that would prevent kids from removing the bowl while pooping. The couple finally launched their business in 2018, but couldn’t make enough sales because of their full-time jobs.

Potty Safe

Potty Safe on Shark Tank

Colt and Stacy entered season 11 of Shark Tank with an offer of 15% equity for $50,000. But the Sharks were concerned about the poor sales and said that the product has a small market. This made all the Sharks back out of the deal.

Initially, Lori Greiner was out of the deal, but she changed her mind later. She offered them 20% equity for $50,000. She also told the couple that she would get them a deal with Squatty Potty to increase their sales. The couple accepted the deal happily.

What happened after Shark Tank?

As per Shark Tank blogs, the deal between Lori and Potty Safe never closed. However, it did bring them a lot of publicity. As a result, the company’s revenue generation increased by up to 500%.

At present, Potty Safe is available at Walmart, Bed, Bath, Beyond, and OnBuy. You will also find the product on their official site and on Amazon.

Despite receiving tough competition from other brands like Kiddit Guard, Baby Lock, and Little Tikes, Potty Safe is doing well. It has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon.

As per reports, the company has made lifetime sales of $5 million. Their annual revenue generation is $1 million. The net worth of the company is estimated at $2 million which is expected to grow more in the future.

Who Is Potty Safe For?

Potty Safe is designed for parents who are in the midst of potty training their young children and want to avoid spills and messes. Kids often get excited about using the potty and may accidentally spill or splash its contents. This can be every parent’s nightmare because cleaning up such a mess is not pleasant.

Potty Safe addresses these concerns with a child-proof latch that prevents kids from removing the waste bowl. This feature not only prevents spills but also helps reduce the spread of germs in the home. 

Additionally, it includes a built-in splash guard and features support handles for easy use. Its compact size and non-slip feet make it convenient to use, whether at home or in the car.


1. Who is the owner of Potty Safe?

Potty Safe is owned by a husband-wife duo Stacy and Colt. Both of them have not only conceptualized but also designed and marketed the products to their target audience.

2. What is the net worth of Potty Safe?

According to the rough estimates that we have received, it looks like Potty Safe has an estimated valuation of around $1 million, which makes sense because of the annual revenue it makes.

3. Is Potty Safe profitable?

With their unique business idea and the dedication, the founders have towards their brand, it isn’t surprising that the business is quite profitable at the moment.