Pluto Pillow Net Worth 2023: What Happened After Shark Tank?

Pluto Pillow Net Worth

Pluto Pillow was featured in season 12 of Shark Tank. It is a customizable pillow that is designed to provide better sleep. Unlike other ready-made pillows, Pluto Pillow can be customized as per the user’s requirement. It is designed to ensure that users have no problem while using it.

The good thing about Pluto Pillow is that it contains no harmful chemicals. Plus, it is certified by CertiPUR-US. This hybrid pillow design is constructed with an exterior plush cover and foam core on the inside. All the pillows from the brand are made of temperature-regulating and hypoallergenic materials.

For curious minds, the current net worth of Pluto Pillow is $8 million. If you want to know what happened to the brand after Shark Tank, you should read the below post.

Who are the founders?

Pluto Pillow is founded by Kevin Li and Susana Saeliu. Both are from Los Angeles, California. Based on the available information, Susana completed her graduation from the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California.

After her graduation, she set up her first company, Kora Brand. Although it was a big success, she sold the brand in 2011. Later, she founded another company called TRADEX, Inc.

On the other hand, Kevin is not open about his background. Both Susana and Kevin teamed up to start a new business which would later be called Pluto Pillow.

How did they establish Pluto Pillow?

Susana worked in the customer service department of a company, where she realized that most pillow shoppers would ask for a refund as the product was not comfortable.

Kevin and Susana came together to solve this problem. They came up with a pillow design that can be customized as per the users’ requirements. They developed the final product with the help of sleep specialists and physical therapists.

They officially launched the company in 2018 and generated sales of over $473,000 the next year.

Pluto Pillow On Shark Tank

Kevin and Susana pitched their brand on Shark Tank season 12. They came in with the offer of 5% equity in their company for $400,000.

At first, the Sharks were interested, but that faded away after learning the cost of the product. Four of the Sharks backed out of the deal as they were not sure of the profit margin.

However, Robert Herjavec didn’t give up and offered them a counter deal of 20% equity for $400,000. To everyone’s surprise, the founders didn’t agree to the offer and went away without a deal.

What happened after Shark Tank?

The airing of the Shark Tank episode gave a lot of publicity to the brand. This led the company to host three rounds of funding with investors: 500 Startups, Lombardstreet Ventures, and K2VC.

Pluto Pillow introduced 35 different variations in the market. At present, their products are available on their official site, Amazon, and Alibaba.

As per reports, Pluto Pillow’s annual revenue is $5 million. The company’s net worth is estimated at $8 million.