Pedal To Metal Season 2 – What Is in Store in The New Season?

Pedal To Metal Season 2

The first season of Netflix’s high-octane Mexican thriller, “Pedal to Metal,” roared onto our screens in March 2022, leaving a trail of rubber and unanswered questions. The adrenaline-pumping plot is another factor that has left the show up in the ranks with its competitors.

One thing that has left the majority of the fans wondering about the show’s fate is the cliffhanger it ended on. The first season ended abruptly and unexpectedly, which has left all the fans wondering about what’s next in line with this show.

With so much happening, we have managed to narrow down details about Pedal to Metal Season 2 and its release date.

When is Pedal to Metal Season 2 Releasing?

Do we have a date yet? Well, technically the answer to that is no. Netflix hasn’t shed any light on the show’s return, which has left a lot of fans wondering about what’s next. So, will Kike and Noche’s story continue?

Well, it looks like there’s not going to be much information available about the show right now but that could change in the future.

However, the show’s popularity and passionate fanbase suggest a promising chance for its return. Fingers crossed, we might see another season hit the asphalt sometime in 2024 or 2025. All of this seems to be speculation at this point, so it would be interesting to see how things pan out right now.

What can we expect from Pedal to Metal Season 2?

While the future remains hazy, speculation swirls around potential storylines for Season 2. The first season ended with Kike, Noche, and El Diablo fleeing to Mexico City, seeking refuge from the cartel. We can expect their lives to be anything but smooth sailing.

Following are a few storylines that the show could follow through:

  • Mexico City’s bustling underworld beckons, offering refuge but also new dangers. Kike and Noche might navigate a treacherous web of criminal gangs, high-stakes races, and desperate chases.
  • Kike’s ambition to climb the criminal ladder could clash with Noche’s desire for a normal life. Their bond, already strained by past events, will face new challenges, jeopardizing their fragile trust.
  • The cartel looms large, a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. Their pursuit of Kike and Noche promises explosive confrontations and thrilling escapes.

Who is returning on Pedal to Metal Season 2?

If the second season ends up happening, we can expect the following cast members to return to the show:

  • Jocelyn Chacón as Noche
  • Pablo Abitia as Kike
  • Clarisa Rendón as El Diablo
  • Wyatt Bowen as Ramiro Moreno

Also, there are chances that new characters could be added to the cast in the new season. For that, we’d recommend waiting for the trailer of the new season.


Pedal to Metal Season 2 has a lot of potential in its future, which means that if you have been waiting for its eventual return, it would require you to hold steady for the coming few years until we receive official updates about the show’s future seasons.


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