Paul Wall Net Worth 2024 – Unlocking Details About the Rapper’s Wealth

Paul Wall Net Worth

Paul Wall, the Houston-born rapper and DJ, is a name synonymous with southern hip-hop, iced-out grills, and catchy flows. His career, which spans 20+ years, has witnessed him collaborating with up-and-coming artists to established ones.

If you are a fan of the rapper, you likely know that he is nothing short of a cultural icon. With his impressive lyrics and impactful music, he has created a dedicated community around him. But, how much has he earned throughout his career?

We will take a look at all the details about Paul Wall’s net worth and his impressive career growth in this guide.

Quick Facts

Full Name
Paul Michael Slayton
Birth Date 1 March 1981
Age 43 years
Country of Origin Georgetown, Texas, United States
United States of America
Profession American rapper, Songwriter, Disc Jockey, Actor, Promoter and DJ
Marital Status Married
Children William Patrick Slayton, Noelle Slayton
Crystal Wall (m. 2005)
Social Media Accounts:
Net Worth (as of 2024) $2.5 million
Last Updated: April 09, 2024

Early Life

Paul Wall was born in Houston, Texas on March 11, 1981. There’s not much information available about his family and his early childhood. What we do know is that the rapper attended Jersey Village High School in Houston and was a pretty great student.

Following completing his high school education, Paul enrolled at the University of Houston and graduated with a degree in mass communication. Despite graduating, Paul knew that he was meant for something bigger so when he crossed paths with local rapper Chamillionaire, he knew he had found his calling.

Initially, Paul didn’t have a lot of experience with rapping, which is why he built things up for himself. He worked on multiple mixtapes with Chamillionaire and they released it as well.


Paul discovered his passion for hip-hop at a young age, immersing himself in the sounds of artists like Scarface and UGK. By the late ’90s, he was already honing his skills as a DJ and rapper, collaborating with fellow Houstonian Chamillionaire under the moniker “The Color Changin’ Click.”

The duo’s independent release, “Get Ya Mind Correct,” in 2002, garnered critical acclaim and laid the foundation for their success. Wall’s laid-back flow and knack for wordplay, coupled with his signature “chopped and screwed” beats, resonated with audiences. He further cemented his place in the Southern hip-hop scene with collaborations with artists like Mike Jones, Lil’ Flip, and Bun B.

By 2005, Wall embarked on a solo career, signing with Atlantic Records. His major-label debut, “The Peoples Champ,” catapulted him to mainstream recognition. The album, featuring hits like “Sittin’ Sideways” and “Grillz” (featuring Nelly), went platinum and earned him a Grammy nomination. Subsequent albums like “Get Money, Stay True” and “Fast Money” further solidified his commercial success.

Personal Life

While Paul Wall’s music often portrays a flamboyant persona with signature “grills,” his personal life is grounded in family and community. He’s a dedicated father of two and actively supports various charities, including a foundation fighting against domestic violence. He even ventured into politics, briefly running for City Council in Houston’s 5th Ward in 2015.

Net Worth

With the versatile career that Paul had built for himself, it isn’t surprising that he ended up becoming a multimillionaire with a net worth of $2.5 million. The majority of this comes from his music sales including record sales, digital downloads, and streams as well.


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