Online and Live Online Blackjack – What’s the Difference?

Online and Live Online Blackjack – What’s the Difference

Blackjack was one of the first casino games to reach the online realm, first hitting digital shelves as far back as 1996. Requiring only simple graphics to relay its gameplay systems, blackjack remained a mainstay over the decades, now taking a place firmly among the most popular casino titles. More recently, live versions of this game have entered the zeitgeist, offering something that traditional online blackjack doesn’t. So what are the key differences betwe  en the two, and what makes some players gravitate towards one type of blackjack game over the other?

Traditional Blackjack

To start with traditional blackjack, it’s important to note that there isn’t just one single version of the game. For example, a blackjack table in the UK will tend to have different rules than one in the US. UK table games like Classic and Lightning Roulette tend to use two decks of cards, whereas the US will often use six or eight decks. Payouts in the UK versions also tend to sit at 3:2, compared to 6:5 from US blackjack titles. Of course, if you’re playing on the internet, you can often find access to different forms easily, but the point is that blackjack rules and settings aren’t always the same.

Traditional Blackjack

Live Blackjack Games

Live blackjack titles can cover both European and US versions, with each using the different sets of rules that each version offers. What makes live blackjack different are the live dealers, which is where these games get their names. In live blackjack, the player has control from their computer or mobile as usual, and every move is transmitted to the live dealer streamed from a physical table. The dealer will then make the appropriate moves, all while communicating with the player and others at the table. In other words, it’s a fusion of traditional online blackjack and physical casino blackjack, offering a variety that some players prefer.

Right for the Player

While each player will have a preference for live or traditional forms of blackjack, there isn’t one superior option. Instead, the best type of blackjack comes down to individual tastes, and what’s available to the players. A player who enjoys the social aspect of the game might prefer live tables because these tables allow them to chat with the dealer and other players. They might also appreciate how the physical dealer reminds them of in-casino play if that’s something they enjoy.

On the other hand, like in video games, some players simply prefer to play alone. They might want to focus on the core experience more, where outside factors might be distractions to how they play. Some people might want to play in a public setting, where the noise of a liver dealer could be an issue, or others could have an unreliable internet connection, where streaming wouldn’t be ideal. Personal tastes and situations make all the difference when players choose a table, so whether playing live or traditional, there are really no wrong options.

Right for the Player

Live online casino games have been gaining steam in the last few years, but they’ll never replace traditional methods of play entirely. Instead, the new arena will be one where choice is king, and where live tables happily find themselves next to traditional versions of their games. The online town truly is big enough for everyone, and for the players, that’s a positive result.

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